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And I'm lots of things. It's now acceptable for the mainstream to report on UFOs. So they're going to run the story. Yes. But you know the story is going to be in it. The only thing that's new in it. So the reason why these documents came out is because and I'll give them the credit is that the sun spent four years of doing freedom of information request. I do the Department of Defense. And I managed to get from the Department of Defense. These 1500 documents that detail, this is from the defunct what's now defunct, advanced aviation threat identification program. And basically these documents describe incidents, accidents, adverse effects, from the medical files, and 300 cases of reports of people encountering these unmanned craft. So it's seemingly unidentified. People who get fraud when they see UFO. Yeah. All they're here falls out and they get burnt. But it's not even that, right? So I've downloaded one version of the document, which is a shortened version. So it only contained about 60 pages. But most of it is talking about ionizing radiation and possible threats from microwaves, those sorts of things. What grabbed my attention though? Yeah, exactly. But what grabbed my attention is that some mainstream media outlets were reporting going, oh, well, there's unexplained pregnancies. And there's abductions, and there's like, okay, okay, you know that mysterious universe dot org is one of those outlets. I know that. I heard that. We had a front page article with exactly what you'll describe. My point is, when I pulled out the document and dug into it a little bit deeper. So the document is called anomalous acute and subacute field effects on human biological tissues, right? So it was at the very end in an attachment, right? There's this attachment that has a report, which lists a frequency of physiological effects that were experienced by those who have come into contact with UFOs or UAPs, which we know as unidentified aerial phenomena. This was a list that was compiled in 1996 by move on and covered the time period of 1873 to 1994. And it's a bit stale. It's just a list of abductions, electromagnetic effects on vehicles, perceived time loss, sexual encounters. So a bunch of stories we did. Those are stories. No, no, no, there's no stories. It's just an incidence report of them. Why do I care about this? Exactly. This is why I went, why? Why is this so big? This is why I wasn't even going to make it. Because it's official channels. That's why. That's why. Whenever there's an official channel, everyone jumps up in arms like, oh my God, this is it. Acknowledgment. It's not at all. For those of us who are seasoned with this, official acknowledgment is nothing if nothing. It means nothing because they never going to release what people really want to know. I mean, in this particular document, there's obviously no smoking gun here. I've extraterrestrial contact or even acknowledgment of extraterrestrial intelligences. Basically, it comes down to this one argument that's most not even an argument, but a statement that's made is that there is a hypothesis that some advanced weapons systems are already deployed and are opaque to fool U.S. understandings. I'm like, okay, well that makes sense. I mean, this is why the Department of Defense would like to know what's going on because regardless of if it's extraterrestrial terrestrial, the military wants to know what are they up against..

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