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And caroline raymond proud sponsors of wayward inc. The nonprofit that produces and distributes this program. You're listening to a way with words. The show language and how we use it. I'm grandparent and i'm martha barnett. Here's a great quote from ralph waldo emerson by necessity by proclivity and by delight. We all quote and he so right when you find that perfectly phrase statement that expresses an idea so well something just clicks into place and you want to share it with somebody else just the way it is. In fact that quote from emerson is a perfect example by necessity by proclivity and by delight. We all quote. And i'm reminded of this again and again paging through the new must have reference work called the new yale book of quotations edited by fred r shapiro and fred shapiro is associate director for collections and access at the yale law library and in two thousand six. He published the yale book of quotations. Well the new year book of quotations is vastly expanded has twelve thousand quotations in that one thousand more than the previous version fifteen years ago and one thing that makes it notable is the fact that again and again shapiro has found that many famous quotes were actually originated by women but then mis attributed to more famous men for example the term iron curtain is always attributed to winston churchill but it turns out that the person who beat him to that was british activist and politician. Bessie a stanley. And you know the quote now. I know why nobody ever comes here. It's too crowded. Everybody associates that with yogi berra. But actually the first person to say that was suzanne ridgeway. An actress who appeared in several three stooges movies..

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