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Make it how are you today welcome to the show what's happening buddy good how you doing grabbing it's our pleasure tiki is actually out i'm sure he would have enjoyed talking to you as well we get all the draft kids and we didn't actually we had you before the draft we've had you on the show a couple of months ago so it's nice to have you back on and before we talk a little football i know you did something awesome today now what did you do something with gatorade you surprised the twenty eighteen winter the male winner the track and field element and you just surprise me showed up with the award is that what happened is so so what we do is anthony sports checking to play football at american heritage high school in florida you know so yeah he won the twenty eighteen gatorade national the year he didn't even know he wanted so what we did was radar teammates are going to the way we go through team meetings coach he's actually one of the more we react coaching you said sports we pulled up the trophy trophy get made presented made sports he said a couple of words and see what's his words and excited about it so that's awesome now he's a he's a senior in high school right now is junior a junior or he's gotta be if he's a soft board of the award then the kid might be in the olympics they might be there anyway running pretty calls tom i hear you i hear you all right so you've made that you're making the transition it's still pretty early you get in your way around the facility getting to know coach gas a little bit getting teammates jarvis landry is gone it's kind of an interesting year of transition for the dolphins not for you because your first year so everything's new for you but what is when you walk into the facility for the first time of course every team wants to win but does it feel like and i know that this is an early read admittedly but does it feel like in your mind coming from alabama that the dolphins are ready to win what's your sense of your new team early is a professional oh i think they're really great group and they have a lot of really great for no everybody on the staff is ready.

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