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By the mid 60s postarrest with no history of our family and um that filled the business were late 1880s because of his failing health he foldup to the employees that you want them to have control of their future in what bother walked him some years ago he never got to enjoy it and that's what they really do mmm people will say well let's 80 percent today you know it's about forty percent but what they don't understand is the massive increase in state taxes the massive expensive federal state local regulations all kinds of sales taxes that didn't exist before i mean the tax burden is enormous even today what what what it does if you are a former morbid were regularly hightax with liquor type with the milliondollar pact what you didn't hear it about your cash he inherited building machinery and into the memorial nonliquid assets and we'll from help and kirkwood structure to fight it but it is literally killed him in he should've shutter the that that would fail we face orbit faith in this country would make it into the situation when it gets irritated with the ear tag merit what are here this is part of the problem with this populist stuff isn't it because you get this this class warfare stuff is an outgrowth of populism is it non it absolutely work and it absolutely is in our tax policy as a populist tax policy it's called progressivism progressivism is populism the least populism predated progressivism and then progress the progressives devour the populace i'm just telling you the history in the the dateline and so when people say i'm a populist i think what they mean is the the congress ought to represent its voters but that's very different that's why i talk about americanism that nationalism not populism or constitutional conservatism so we remember that we're republic that we've unalienable rights that property rights matter and property rights that's much as physical that's my property that's my right you know the land you're on although it certainly that but it's also what you are so the government supposed to take what it needs to to conduct its its legitimate functions not to take money from you to give it to but he else to redistribute wealth on on levels at that.

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