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On a feeling in the six that's that levin the first hooked on a theline in the six twelve team league one keeper you gotta trade that spot so here's how i like to do these mike you're giving me the finger as in the pointer finger finger you had something to say rude would you like me to finish or do you wanna go ahead to excited all right i like to think of these things in valuate them as who would i end up drafting in the first round hypothetically and do i like them plus theline versus love bell so we'll you should the but in this league with one keeper big time running backs you got imagine the girlies and johnson's zeke's there some of them are likely kept and depends on where you're drafting from but let's say let's give a hypothetical and you can end up with melvin gordon adam feeling would d'you rather have those two players over levin bill i again i need the player in the sixth round what i'm looking at here it's only a too wide receiver and it's the standardly it'll be a much worse player than adam theline yes i agree but it's a standard league and it's only two wide receiver so because of that i'll just take the value of le vian bill jc i think you could go either direction and build a great team but i'm with mike i would rather have the lockton solid you know running back one or worst case running back three on my roster in this format all right that is for today's mail bag we've got another show on thursday we'll be talking the rest of our early running back rankings so do not miss that more guys with bigger debates about their performance and how the play this year which means that we'll probably be fighting a little bit in the studio and we'll do a sand on thursday we'll have joined the foot dot com show on thursday as well and don't forget to check out draft dot.

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