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A County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says the department now has 14 homicide investigators working to track down the shooter. We have some good leads that we're working on right now. And I was not going to hold him, but, uh Promising in surveillance video you could see the gunman walked right up to the patrol car and fire several shots. Both deputies were hit multiple times on the job just 14 months each, but the sheriff says the male deputy still tried to return fire That was CBS News. Carter Evans Sheriff Nuevo said his department has been contacted by President Trump and by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. And he has the president may reach out to the injured deputies, Families. L. A County Sheriff's department is being accused of retaliating against protesters following the shooting of those two deputies in Compton. Everybody thinks there's very tragic for these deputies to be shot. Nobody feels good about that. But that's not an excuse to not go out and declare war invokes. Attorney Jorge Gonzales represents protesters who filed a class action lawsuit against a sheriff's department. They accused deputies of using excessive force and illegally detaining demonstrators. Gonzales and others argue the clearing of the black unity, encampment and downtown. Ella's Grand Park early Sunday was an act of retaliation in the wake of Saturday night's attack on two deputies. We didn't do it, and the fact that we're targeting deputies because of their conduct towards the protesters doesn't mean that that's what was called for. The sheriff's Department, in a statement contends what was once a peaceful protest had become an occupation and it was no longer safe for the public to enter the park. I've been after a couple of times I never felt unsafe. The national lawyer's Guild of LA's condemning the clearing of Camp and alleges deputies attacked activists and independent journalists in retaliation for their criticism of violence by the department. Rescue Takeya Next 70 news right again on the county sheriff's department tells Can IX that some days action was not in retaliation for the two deputies had been shot on Saturday night. They say that order to clear the puck had been signed several days prior Aircraft and crews on the ground are stepping up the fight against the bobcat fire in the hills above Arcadia. As the work goes on too slow or even halt the fire spread because of the aggressive spread of the fire to the south and west. Fire crews have altered their tactics going from cutting lines to firing out and removing brush from the path of the fires gets near homes, Andrew Mitchell, with the Angeles National Forest says with a change in tactics, the fire will probably not reach homes or, for that matter. Other important structures to the west on top of ridges in the area there hope is that it won't.

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