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E._s._p._n. Radio so apparently the the old tomato that mike mayock through down the ultimatum made him that he threw down seem to work right because <hes> antonio brown's in practice and he's participating in case. You missed it. <hes> settled tomato. Was this line right here by mayo after antonio brown was not in practice yesterday because of his helmet issue <hes> you all know that a._b. Not your today right so so here's the bottom line. He's upset about the helmet issue <hes> we have supported that. We appreciate that okay but we've at this point. We've we've pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief so from our perspective. It's time for him to be all in. We're all out. Okay okay so we're hoping he's back soon. We got eighty nine guys busting their tails. We are really excited about where this franchise is going and we hope a._b._c. is going to be a big part of it starting week one against denver and the story no question the bottom line in there. There's an end of story. No questions chins in there there was i mean all in an all out and then there was the pause with okay as if to say you guys hear me. This is serious all in or all out okay. We're back yeah. He's back foot. I mean is that all you. I mean in the end. We were talking earlier like in the end. Is this just going to be some sort of preseason. Season thing that we all laugh about and it's exactly you know what they wanted to dramatics there on hard knocks are getting all this attention paid or getting all this attention paid to him if he then follows is this up if he has to play with a helmet he doesn't like and follows this up with an amazing season. What is he thirty thirty one thirty one thirty one years old and maize another amazing season and i mean that would empower him to essentially say i can do whatever i want even more so going forward but it feels like that kind of the goal for him right to this like create this this controversy create this opinion of me and then i'm gonna go out on the football field and say you know bleep everybody. I'm the best wide receiver so. It doesn't surprise me that he's back at practice today. I don't think this was never in the hold out category. You know this isn't ezekiel elliott. This was just a a a diva trying to sort of <hes> shout into through a megaphone and and get his way and ultimately <hes> you know just just goes back and says okay here i am. Is it a bad look for him. If he is forced to play in a new helmet and still has all pro year that he put up this big stink and he goes out and the helmet he doesn't he should probably just make it a point to where like a double sized helmet and say you know what if this point. I'm just gonna do whatever the heck i want to do because you're making me do this. You want safety. Here's double safety. I'll still catch two thousand yards. I don't think anything antonio brown can do is is off brand because he's controversy is is something that he doesn't mind. It's part of who he is. <hes> i i might put odell beckham junior in the same category i it's it's just a a receiver who doesn't mind attention <hes> even if it's negative at times moving on to another spot in the n._f._l. You'd said you'd kind of had some some interest. In <hes> adam gates year old boy here in miami yeah the new york jets head coach. He had a player every williamson who at a season ending knee injury and williamson was in the game at a point where some would question whether he should have been it was only preseason game number two and this was adam gays saying afterward the word weather <hes> he took responsibility for that injury giving williamson being in the game he said yes..

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