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What it was three years ago. And that's how capitalism works name is Jeff it's west I Jeff, and I think we as parents have done a horrible job of teaching our kids, what capitalism is. And we're talking about the fact that earlier this week, I saw nationwide children's hospital said they're going to increase their minimum wage that they pay to their employees their their minimum wage employees to fifteen dollars an hour from ten dollars an hour to thirty three percent increase in pay. Nearly a third of nationwide. Children's hospital staff will get a raise as a hospital increases in the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. In addition to that eighteen hundred employees will be brought to higher than fifteen dollars an hour. Or another tooth? I'm sorry. Another two thousand people over that. Dr Steve Allen nationwide. Children's hospital. CEO said the decision marks commitment to the wellbeing of employees will help attract the best people to entry level position. And support the staff and delivering quality patient care guess who's going to pay for that you and me and there've been lot government that said we need increase the minimum wage mandating it right now. Eight fifty five in the state of Ohio, and they were talking about increasing it. In addition to nationwide children's hospital, Amazon's increased it nationwide insurance increased their minimum wage at the starting pay rate up to fifteen dollars an hour. And that was in two thousand fifteen at an insurance has done the same. And just this week. Target said they'd boost minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. This is a topic. That's not going away. This is a topic that the democratic candidates for president are going to push in with these boneheads. Don't understand is by increasing minimum wage mandating government, all you're doing is increasing the price of some of the items of which the minimum wage employee purchases most fast food. So you're going to work them out of house and home in all it does is hurt guys like me. They hadn't had raised since two thousand seven you. And I've done a horrible job of teaching our kids, what capitalism is Mark. Thanks for holding grunts extend to be TVN. Hey, gyp. There's going to be some interesting propaganda tonight on sixty minutes. I was just flipping through the program guy. This guy named Ray dally always a philanthropist. He'll be discussing problems with American capitalism, and how the expanding income gap between the rich and the poor is damaging the country. This guy's a socialist. It doesn't like capitalism, and I understand what you're saying about. What these cost increases like the hiking the minimum wage will do in the long run. It's by it's not an accident there stupid. Yes. But they're brilliantly stupid because they want to bring down this country, and like Brock Obama said always say the opposite of what you're going to do anything these socialists like Obama and others that are currently in office matter not just running for office. But they're in office. Anything they say they're going to do and the promises they make. It's the exact opposite. They hate capital this capitalism because everybody gets a fair shot. They wanna be at the top of the scrap heap. Which is what we're going to have. Once we adopt, socialism like Venezuela. Maybe we can abandon it like Chile did and Chile Chile. Whatever is now prospering because they are capitalistic. But our kids aren't learning that. Mark, thanks for your call. And thanks for listening. I shave very much you're spot on with that and socialism is bad. And we got to do everything we can to fight it because it's not the right thing. But we've done a horrible job of teaching our kids about capitalism, and the capitalism is good America's older generation has no one to blame on that Mark. But ourselves because they delivered their we delivered our children and grandchildren to the hands of unionized public schools run by lefties, and with the dumbed down base curriculum. We sat in front of TV's and computer screens without paying attention to the nonstop message of civilization self loathing in the from the mainstream media is it any surprise that the millennial generation see socialism isn't answered all the world's shortcomings. Hell, no. It isn't. It's to them. It's utopian. It's utopian ideals of total equality, and in and in what what we know. No is what young people are we done horrible job at teaching them that and I think you're going to continue to see more of that has democratic candidates crisscrossed the country to to raise money to run for president and that'll be one of their platforms. Because that's a democratic platform. Twenty leagues you're gonna see Kevin. What's your thought on this? Well, let's say major difference. Second. No Chuck Douglas brought this up a two months ago when Amazon raised her minimum wage, it's it's a different thing. When a private company decides to do it absolutely totally government forces you to do it. And also all these people who want socialism, there's I actually believe in socialism. I just don't believe in government mandated socialism. I, you know, I believe in like sharing and helping people out and things like that. And I would have like no problem. You know, if the right situation came up with like a commun- living where people pay the rent based on their ability as long as we can all get the rent paid and get the work done. Kevin. What do you do for a living? I actually I'm retired from the federal government. And I drive a van, and you talk about women the last time, you got raise the interesting thing when they hired me van driver. So make a lot of money. So I wasn't expecting much and they offered me. Well, ten or twelve an hour to start. I think which is more than what you know, other places for paying and they said if I worked out they get me fourteen and then I must have worked out because without even asking for a raise. I suddenly got a paycheck where I was paid fifteen. Kevin what age did you retire? Sixty and how old are you? Now almost sixty I'm sixty one I just retired last may, and I tell you I worked at the federal government. And there were jobs. I had where the fact that you were working at everyone who at the same grade level made the same amount of pain was just or Kevin Kennon. If you wanna share your retirement with me or with others. Listen, the station will gladly accept that. To me is what socialism is you've worked all your life for retirement. Now you've earned it. And you've got it and socialism, socialism terribly. If you'd like to volunteer, Kevin. I'm sure there's a lot of Yemen. Sure, there is there's there's a my ex gets a lot of it already. No. But I thought there's nothing wrong with like people to buy houses in community. And why does everyone have our lawn bar? You know, why can't you just say, okay? We'll buy a really nice lawn, mower and charity you get the lawn bowler. You get this. You get that and work together. I mean, people could do it if they wanted to do it. But people just start that close that trusting Kevin. Thank you for listening. And thank you for calling. I totally a completely disagree with you. When you say shosha lissome is good. I totally disagree with that. I think that's all wrong and to me sorry. That's delusional. It's just wrong. It's just as wrong. You've worked your butt off to retire at sixty years old and you've earned retirement income from the federal government. And I think somebody stepping in and saying we're going to take that away from you a portion of that away from you and give it to somebody who doesn't earn. It is absolutely wrong. And when you say voluntarily, I don't think the really believe in true, socialism because true socialism. When they take it away from you, listen, if you want to give away your retirement, that's that's up to you. That's your choice. That's your money that your responsibility do. But that's not up to the government. That's not up to some entity to do that for you. I totally disagree that we as parents have done a horrible job of teaching our kids, what capitalism is and I'll prove it to you coming out of the break in this. My name's Jeff it's west side. Jeff. Seventy seven percent of rural counties lack sufficient primary healthcare. Blue Cross Blue shield is working to fill that gap by placing former military, medics and communities improving access for the health of America..

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