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For that starting job. Well, I think baker has played his last game as a brown. So I don't even think this is about competition. I think that he's just toast. In part because I think the browns are ready to move on and in part because I think he wants a change of scenery, which I think you'll see that take place here. Over the course of the next couple of weeks. So then the browns have to come up with a better answer. And my guess is guys, it'll come from one or two places. Now, the draft thing is really dicey this year. The browns could end up with a top ten pick, but there are no top ten quarterbacks in this draft, I don't think. So then, you know, can you get in for Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson? I'm sure Aaron Rodgers was watching that game last night thinking, wow, I really want to go to Cleveland. While he was with Peyton and Eli. And I think what's most likely is there's a second tier of guys that come available in the Derek Carr Matt Ryan conversation. And I would bet on one of those guys being the starting quarterback of the browns next year. Going to be a very interesting 2022 already for the Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield. Will not start this coming weekend against the bangles. We'll likely have that surgery on that now I'm throwing shoulder and I'm sure Aaron goldhammer and company over at ESPN Cleveland will have plenty to talk about. Aaron, we appreciate the time as always my friend. We'll talk to you soon. You know, if you think that cookie and Mayo is gross, go Joe. I once had to eat horse manure when the browns drafted baker, so there's nothing worse than that. Aaron, I did want to bring that up, like when you watched me eat the mayonnaise this weekend where you think amateur? I was proud of you. I was proud of you. And I want everybody to know, the highlight of both season used to be the granddaddy of them all, the rose bowl, now I think the duke's Mayo bowl is the best bowl there is. Aaron, I didn't say it. You said it, but I wholeheartedly agree with you on that one. We are here to spread the duke's Mayo bowl propaganda to anyone and everyone who will listen. Take that Australia and Dionne Warwick out here hating right now. Hammer will talk to you soon, all right buddy. Take care, guys. Thank you. Aaron goldhammer from ESPN Cleveland, who, yes, did one time have to eat horse manure after losing. I forget what bet he even lost, but Chris, that's probably where I draw the line just as a human being, but I respect him for having no boundaries and understanding content rules. Yeah, I think he just told us, though, it was Baker Mayfield being drafted first overall by the Cleveland Browns. I think that was the best ultimately ended up losing. And so I don't know go Jo, I'm usually a man of my word, but when it comes to something like that, paying off that bet, let me tell you what I ain't gonna do. Chris, he fought it like the plague. We had to track him down on this one. It was basically our mission ordained by God to make sure that that man ate poop. Yeah. It's hard to trust anything coming out of that mouth. That is for damn sure. Even though we'd like you to trust it because man, he just said the Baker Mayfield played his last snap at the top. How about that? That was one right there that I was shocked. I didn't believe that he was so convicted in saying that Baker Mayfield took his last act as a Cleveland Brown. That is a shocker. Very interesting that he said, he thinks you'll see that desire for a change of scenery start to bear out here over the coming months, which begs the question, which team out there in the NFL, if you are an NFL team who's going to need a quarterback this off season. Would you be willing to buy low on Baker Mayfield? 8 8 8 8 ESPN 888-729-3776. ESPN radio is presented by Progressive Insurance. Small business protection just got easier with more than 30 coverage options available, progressive has you covered. More at progressive commercial dot com. Coming up next though. We're done eating poop and talking about who's going to be the browns next quarterback here. Why one college football team who suffered a massive setback this weekend? May have to start to get ready for one more on the way. That's next here can't angle of junior on ESPN radio. George 24 ahead of the game good. Chicago by one. It's all over the Red Sox. I'm still breathing. Celebrating the greatest moment in sports for the past 30 years. This is ESPN radio. In college football, Goodyear knows a new season means new possibilities. Where every Saturday is an opportunity on the road to greatness. No matter if you're out there playing your hardest or cheering the loudest from the sidelines, tailgating in the parking lot or your favorite spot to watch the game. Goodyear knows passion is what drives us forward all the way to the playoffs. That's the road that moves us. Goodyear, more driven. 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