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Traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's the watching a slowgrowth eastbound ninety clue that proof of thorns either crashes who approached one fiftieth has been involved in the state with full trooper conner reporting minor injuries there some good news on that front but boy five lane still blocked just the hov lane is moving and that's why you're stop and go pretty much shift from 405 you for going in that direction it would take 405 up to southeast asia from there you can rejoin i90 from one forty eight next reports 9'0 four i'm michael mashburn on komo news in a lot of cloud cover tonight look for a chance of rain and snow after midnight they look for temperatures me the upper 20s or midthirties you're so tomorrow mostly cloudy skies rain snow mixed possible in the morning chance of rain in the afternoon highs in the low forty five jeff pohjola that's check of the forecast from the komo forecast team that's worth i'm cheri preston you learn by now never ever cross a store wars fan and don't mess up the movie led to give someone a test last night on what episodes come win and i said no it's 456 one two three three point five where they all died and seven and now we're gonna see hey debbie delmore and rich johnson gathered in a theater in southern california over the weekend when suddenly it pooped out the opening refrain showers theme happened we have to see a little bit of the skull and then that we we just cut out with dr gotta fans gathered in the lobby they were not happy debbie in risk if there is no sound if there is no audio cuts out if we miss the dialogue we are demanding receding tickets again whatever it was kind of worried i wasn't sure if they were actually going to get their act which is stated the forced those within amc hitting fans their money so they can see the movie again we found for what it's worth cheri preston abc news no what you're getting into with komo news komo.

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