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Parents prefer sequoia smith i loved the her name is sequoia like a strong tree beautiful girl the twenty five year old took the instagram to share her story with her followers which has since gone viral she also posed in her cap next to photos of her mom and dad now how great is it that you know she's honoring them like that on her special day even though they're no longer with her dad passed away from sickle cell anemia not long before her high school graduation and her mom passed away two years later from cervical cancer shortly after she got her associate's degree so this young woman has continued to go forward with their education and get good grades in spite of the fact that she lost both of her parents it a very important formative time in your life you know contrast that again with parkland shooter who lost his mom you know i'm just saying it would you make a decision to do the right thing you will be supported in every way shape and form sequoia will be receiving her bachelor's degree in public health from lamar university next month may eleventh so you know god bless her it's a beautiful picture it's a wonderful story i'll be there and this story kind of touched me deeply because i have to think that unresolved things are very very painful so when i saw this story buckskin girl identified after being found dead in ohio thirty seven years ago thirty seven years ago this young girl disappeared and she was wearing a buckskin jacket you know like those fringed jackets that were so big in the eighties she was wearing a buckskin jacket which is why she got the nickname native american design and they break through now they dna testing to find out that her name was marsha l king of arkansas they don't know exactly what happened she disappeared april twenty fourth nineteen eightyone it's been almost thirty seven years to the day since she disappeared she died of blunt force trauma i mean obviously she was killed but can you imagine her family and her parents and finally having arrest in peace moment because i have to thank to some degree disappearance has to be.

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