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So for this one. Love, the Vocal Melody Love the freezing I think it's got great catchy horse. I think Richie does a great job of like not overdoing the solo because if if they got hold a song, the song would have been complete shit. I love the pace and for lack of better word like the bobby nece it's like. It actually has a little bit of fun to the pace of the song where some of these songs don't kind of come off overly fun. It's missing that big DEF leppard backing vocals though I mean it could really used mutt coming in and saying do put this hair and this things it. So I, I would say this again is a deep track gem that doesn't get enough play. It's a, it's a decent song This kind of gets back to at the sunny already referenced in one of his. But I think I think I can picture Pat Benetton Song turning it into a hit. Another one of my footloose references reminds me of the salt member member of the scene when playing chicken on the tractors and an airplane holding out for a hero holding out for a hero like it's kind of like fast like like. Everybody's Kinda like crazy. Cut Action. Direction like. Because it's like a fast paced up chaotic type of pacing of a pop song. It's OK sunny likes a little bit more than, I do you know it's a little cheesy with those background vocals burning you know it's like I get it. It's okay. It's okay for me. All right. So this starts the TRIFECTA that comes at the end of the three Jon Bon Jovi Richie Sambora written songs. So again, Jon Bon, Jovi Richie, Sambora, rope burning for love another poor John and love. You know. How many I wish we could go back and think of how many bands rhyme the word action in satisfaction or God? Yeah it's true right. Now, it's like come on John. But. I know what you're saying. Tom. But it's not it's not Pat Ben Atar and it's not. footloose what these songs is Michael Sim bellows found. She's a maniac angry Nak. Okay. What this reminds me of the old saw. Okay he's a maniac. On the this is I'm burning the love. I. I totally picture the scene where she's practicing her dance moves to burning for love. I could see that. Yeah. That's what I'm thinking is an eighty s movie segue cut-away you know portion. The montage type thing time? Yeah. They missed out on some film opportunities seems like you're not. Like. contract. Shit yeah either mercury wasn't pushing for that or John Melissa said no to it or there's something missing there. That's why a lot of these songs and like I can picture these movies and for some reason, the movie footloose kept coming back to him like a lot of these pictures like eighties scenes like you like you said like like a couple arguing fight rate of breakout or something they just has like or training part like, yes. Song Eight on vision quest. Yup Exactly. Yes. Yup Sonny.

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