Rich Mckay, Director, Football discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show


Vokhan phrase this i think it's gonna end up looking like college and now the rest of the manage that and the thing about this rule tony is it's really not necessary because players don't really use their heads the way they did not the nineteen seventy they don't use their helmets as weapons anymore but that's exactly what rich mckay said the director of the competition committee that he felt that players were using their heads as weapons i think defensive backs do it all the time i think that running backs do it all the time you watch a lot more football than i do but i i think this is a rule that is aimed specifically at concussions and this is a rule to keep football alive to the general public sees it now as the beginnings of slaughter and i guess you disagree with that no a couple things you said are done on my point is i don't i don't you know rich mckay is a longtime football guy that we respect really smart he's good at what he does and has been for a long time i disagree that the football that i see i don't see them using their heads away that the league says that's just me see it that way but you're right about the other part of it which is i think the rule of aimed more at pr the league sees what a lot of people see it hasn't that still a directed hit the the ratings yet but the league sees that some people look at the sport and see they have a better understanding what it does to the mind and they don't wanna watch it to the league is trying to use this to head that off but this doesn't stop c t.

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