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To be able to save some money tori smith will get caught because none was cautious guarantee the save five million there but that still leaves them two point seven million dollars over the cap there's going to be some gymnastics it need to happen but if you win the super bowl who freaking care slick mean that's what this is all about we sometimes criticise fico contracts great example okay they won the frequent super bowl i like our are you okay with being in purgatory now because you on the super bowl five years ago i'm okay with that but at this is even five years from now i mean it's not as if they're going to hand out a contract because they won the super bowl is that they're going to win the super bowl because the contracts they handed out non talking about the factor deal would you pay a hundred and twenty million to one hundred twenty million dollars for a super bowl central it oh that unless okay with that's it gets a conversation very different time most roof player ongoing goffs you're not make a case people don't remember how not good carson once was over the second half of last season the flashes totally right there but i mean this is a guy who was not act you're at times you know just had a really steep drop off and he was the mvp of the week for three quarters of the year i'm not trying to knock on who carson what was the rookie but i think we need to put this in perspective he was significantly better and i understand the golf made a similar jump but i just think average to below average nfl quarterback two mvp is about as big a jump as you can make so this is both statistical an eye test for carson went spent spent the first month of the season last year looking like a franchise quarterback we talk karatas over and over again i said he was a top10 quarterback and october of 2016 and had it gradually back off the bat okay and he looks like at the very least even in december of people are saying his mechanics soccer whatever at the very least you look a guy who is not only going to start throughout his contract pick at.

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