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And seltzer and it's all diplomacy and at the end of the day. And I mean, I didn't know much about it and didn't care and didn't pay attention. And would do anything to have Obama back not pissing Putin off? I don't even care, right? He put Hillary Clinton in there as secretary of state that I did know and Hillary Clinton went over there and fucking wave. Fuck complicity around. And like fuck you. Yes. So I don't know that he was that tip toeing around Putin. I mean, he sent a woman in there to go blow up his spot. Right. And there's a I think it was during active measures that Putin said like it's cute that he sent a woman to talk to that was something like that. That's cute that he sent a woman, and then Hillary said he likes to do the man spread right right shows her talking Putin and his legs are spread us Bolger all out yet. It's like a guy. Yeah. Yeah. He's completely. He thinks he's so a macho. And so by the time, you get to John Kerry, Obama probably was on operation fucking Russia. Reset Hillary had gone over there and put her compared what all over him. She put her lady told you was charge. I mean, Tampa on tampon lint take my tampons like he take my maxi paddling, but I'll be. She appealed her max, John me like I have to say and not being a huge Hillary Clinton fan. You gotta give it to her. Do you gotta get in this mess because her coming up? I mean her period blood is champion lint. She didn't reset shit. No. And I love that. She didn't take shit from him. He's a fucking asshole. And she was not having it. Neither was he. And it was like, oh, they're going to send a woman to do their dirty work about to fuck their next election in. Sure, did he sure did he shirted. I thought it was interesting when he said Putin hates three things. Nato the European in the USA. He's dismantling all of those. Yes, he is old complete. He's like halfway through. I would say he's doing a good job of it. There's someone who's got a slow. He's not doing things. He's not. He's he's patient. Yes. He's making it happen. You got me that interview patient enough. He was just like when is this going to be over? I mean, he was like man I need. I need us really stiff game attract right now together that dumb dumb waters that. I just waited through with these Astle. Well, I couldn't have done it with a with a better partner Mia mail. That was really it was a high point. It was a high point in my professional career. I know for me too. I mean, we talked to we talked to someone who literally is like changing the world, Google, Putin Bill Browder speech, and you will hear three different speeches were were rooting says. What is it with this Bill Browder? It's like he's very inspiring have to say very inspiring as far as being brave and like just having a quiet, courage. Yeah. If do you have a question that you wish you would ask them. I would ask him, you know, in the course of a day. Do you? What do you do when you feel scared? Oh, that's good. I would've asked if our lives are threatened, and or taking will you add us. So the magnetically Govan Howard act and fight for Justice for our lives for the rest of yours. Bill. So that's it for this episode of dumb gay politics. Thank you guys for listening..

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