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That they could be brilliant store for some craziness the next two to three weeks to as we go down to five teams of especially to four know i gotta i gotta equivalent that though i didn't think this lake looked terribly difficult on pretty much any front these l seemed like tasks that are shockingly similar or in some cases identical things we've seen before and i think it was very doable maybe not so much if you're just coming off jet lag it was probably much harder on that front but the tests themselves really not much to write home about uh not that say it was bad episode it was just like oh they're going to do a synchronized dance oh they're going to dive in the olympic swimming pool they're going to find something written in a different language these are all pretty blogs standard amazing grace tasks don't you think yeah no and i agree on that i thought i was thinking more that it will get harder but now it seemed like as much the challenge here was just get into another country maybe as we saw with the team possibly getting a cab to go the right place but most teams the number problem with that so it seemed to me this episode and that's why it also felt kind of like a novel of initial leg were this episode is really about hey everybody isn't it amazing that we're going to another country and hey let's do a few cool things here and then then we'll move on and next week will really push him harder that's kind of the feeling i'm getting is this was more of the while it's exciting to travel overseas and here's a little does and then we'll do a few things and we'll have some suspense but really this is more of a set up yeah and this is as much a product placement leg as the time the city of sudbury paid off in the easing race to come and be in their city like okay good for you cinerama tours da got on tv.

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