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No as of today article that posted today Dig Johnson incidentally is currently safely stationed in a minimally occupied home for dementia in Maryland. So she wanted enough well, and also this is, of course, an attempt to make him live forever in movies right so there's that touching element to i. think the ending is just like astonishing like the way that plays out I. It's just so moving and so his. His his That was something that. Before I'm talking very that was rough I thought you meant the the. The the closet of timber coming out being there But Yeah No of course of course that whole sequence I mean you talk about just purely heartbreaking or? Moments that is pretty overwhelming but but it's punctuated with that horn. Horn. Which is probably the biggest laugh in the movie and it's a laugh you feel weird about. All the laughs in this movie are kind of laughs you feel weird about I think intentionally. So in that I think is just peak. Weird laugh. I. Think it's meaningful that that's the laugh where she pans around the crowd and finds other people that are looking dismayed or fighting back laughter at she's she has kind of queuing to you like, yes, this is ridiculous. It's it's OK laugh but then she cuts to the that man ray Dick Johnson's best friend just sobbing his heart out off to the side during the course of this funeral and there were a couple of moments in this film where I wondered like is this expletive is this Any attempt to push the boundaries as she pushed the boundaries too far, and one of those moments came when she admits that she doesn't know where her father's boundaries are anymore. She doesn't know when she's gone too far when it becomes an appropriate and she also says, he'll do anything for me. He will do anything I asked him to do and that just made me wonder at times like. Are there points that goatee far. There's the point where he's standing there covered in blood and he says this is worse than my heart attack was the hardest part. there. There are points where I questioned like is this elder abuse I? He's a good caretaker hover father meet me all segment with Ray just in particular I just had me wondering lake where is somebody comforting him? You know whereas somebody helping him through this and it might have happened one second after the camera cut away. But you know you're left with that image of a man. disconsolately weeping over something that hasn't happened yet, and you know that not only is he suffering now he's going to suffer through all of this again at some time in the future if he outlives deck, it's it's hard to watch. But the thing is like it has happened I think the point of that funeral is that like in Johnson has said this in interviews like she's not going to have a funeral for Dick Johnson when he passes that was his funeral because these people had already experienced like the sort of long goodbye of her mother his wife and you know at at that point his dementia, it is already a point of fact. Everyone knew what was coming and it's it was a good. Bye was a good. Bye to the Richard Johnson they knew and I agree with you that I think ray is probably the point in the film where I feel like it edges closest to exploit taste I have to. Believe that she cleared that with him but she also has spoken to the realization of needing to put herself in this movie like you can't just put this all of this sort of emotional load onto your father and and leave yourself out of it..

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