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The seen a bit too much but he sort of aha a natural way to be between the two sir and he he was never able to lock in which when he actually more on and yet when it comes to peckham paul i can see where he would be the kinda guy is very foul atoll character which we've talked about before we talked about straw dogs were talked about bring me that of alfred of arcia i mean this guy he was one of these guys whereas just like if you cross a line he's never going to work with you again he's never going to forgive you he just seemed like one of those people that could hold a grudge forever how dare you cross me roger spottiswoode i will never work with you again even if spot as what had the best intentions in the world but i think that peckham paul was probably in a horrible placed by being fired off of his own film and sometimes being fired off your own film can result in good stuff having your baby taken away from you can actually be a good thing sometimes because you might be the worst parent in the world and other times is like no we shouldn't by the see this through to completion so at least spottiswoode didn't at end the famous judge are being seen that she wanted to add end that was good he is basically in a precarious situation i think that he really wanted to uh preserve the integrity and he you know he he wanted to do the best that he could i got you know additives to save the movie uh under those circumstances but yeah megamall took it as a betrayal and one of the things that's actually really frustrating as that um pegam ball later on was offered he was he was offered the opportunity to uh.

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