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And a laser scanning technique called light are more than one hundred instruments are sitting on our aimed out the hillside eric heintz komo news it's been a week since she was booed and shouted down speaking at a martin luther king junior day event in spokane now congressman congress woman rather kathy mcmorris rogers is calling for a return to civility komos carleen johnson reports nick morris rogers was invited to speak and called for unity at the mlk day rally in march last week some of the crowd turned their backs others shouted we must the c one man who was vogel in his disdain for the congressman said he was just using his freedom of speech the congresswoman tells komo it's fine to disagree and it even be vocal about it but not like that where i recognize a lot of anger there a lot of and we need to go back and through dr martin luther king legacy commit who were back dini cutter in demanding that we create each other with dignity andhra back using the hashtag returned to civility mcmorris roger says this should be the year to get back to civility and not just in politics but everyday life and we listen to each other there much more that unites the than divide the carleen johnson komo news komo news time one ten adopted on sports now tom glass juices there's sports boss pullman patrick churn officially on board is the new athletic director at washington stayed making his way to pullman from florida atlantic university where he led sports programs there for the past five years f a you by the way conference usa school chun replacing bill moose who left to become athletic director had nebraska and he will be introduced chun will be at a press conference in palm and tomorrow husky coaches show coming your way tomorrow as well six seven tomorrow evening all basketball with head coach is jody win and mike hopkins whose club comes off a are split on a road trip that took them to utah in colorado they'll returned to action sunday at home against the cougars yesterday coach wins club got their first conference win by knocking off washington state maybe top 25 college basketball poll zara out for this week in the men's paul villanova one followed by virginia purdue do kansas round

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