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Center, I'm Sam clover. Here. What w news time five. Oh, four Michael moved out to sea overnight after a call carving out a deadly trail of destruction. At least six people were killed as a store move for the Florida, panhandle up through Georgia and the Carolinas Panama City beach in places across the panhandle aren't strangers to high winds from hurricane, but this Panama City native says wins in excess of one hundred and fifty miles per hour which were reported Wednesday. With Michael were unlike anything he'd ever seen. I literally saw shingles pieces of shingles stuck in the side door panels of cars, what type of wind speed. Are you talking about to take an asphalt shingle shove it in the side of a car? The storm came and went quick but much of its damage still being discovered this man and his family left, Panama City beach ahead of Michael for Destin and are waiting to get the clear to go home. Hopefully by Sunday, we can go back home. Clayton Neville Destin. Be news time five oh five a twenty year old man barely hanging on after being shot. More than a dozen times last night in the city's fern rock section KYW's. Mike Darty joining us live from the newsroom with more on this story. Good morning. Good morning. Carol police say the victim left. His house got into his SUV and was ambushed. Chief inspector Scott small says at least seventeen shots were fired victims sitting in the driver's seat was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his head. His chest. Arms and legs small says the shooter walked right up to the vehicle and began firing from just a couple of feet away. It happened in the fifty nine hundred block of north twelfth street did about eleven o'clock. Authorities are looking through surveillance video from nearby homes, and Carol they're investigating to see if the shooting is related to a shooting a few blocks away that happened earlier this week like what happened in that shooting. A twenty three year old man in a thirty seven year old woman were shot during a robbery outside their home outside of a hill. Home on eleventh and only the suspects stole a bike and rode away in the direction of last night's shooting location. All right. Thanks, mike. Mike Darty.

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