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We have Dr Michael mantle. He is the author of the link is what you think and also don't sweat the small stuff PS. It's all small stuff. We'll chat with him and a little while and Michael heart of hearts of America shall with the political topics of the day, including Gillette, the big controversy and. A few other interesting, topics. Racial profiling a little bit on a radio show this week. Did you hear about this? We'll explain it and have some sound for you. So you can see what we're talking about. Also that caravan is just hours away from the US southern border right now, a new migrant caravan some two thousand people at last report departed Monday night from Honduras, then crossed into Guatemala reporters. With the caravan say, it's mostly young men. And that the caravan is getting bigger faster local residents in Mexico or not thrilled and law enforcement has fortified the border of its languague demain in Mexico. Tijuana for expert just shut down a shelter there. By the way, one of the organizers for this new Myburgh caravan has already been arrested in Honduras on a charge of rape homeland security is closely monitoring, the new caravan, according to the department and the backlash against as I mentioned is growing. It's about that ad that is targeting toxic masculinity. Take a look at some of the ad right now..

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