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Save ten percent off their first purchase of a website or domain that squarespacEcom enter code Ono H and oil like the conversation that came up next. We were talking about just kind of the balance of things and how you overtime out. We were talking about how animals can tell if you're scared. Yes. That's right. And this really went off the rails a little bit. They're like, I mean, if you walk right through a lion's den, and you just act confident that lines date you. Was another area where we were hearing lots of stories of kind of half remembered studies documentaries. But yeah, there was a woman talking about living in Hawaii, and how there were cockroaches in her apartment, but they cockroaches. There was a big circle of life thing there were geckos and there were fire ants, and they all kind of took care of each other biosphere, you're going to get rid of any one of them, and you mentioned bees. Yeah. How people are so often afraid of bees and get a worried of. But at the same time we need when we hear about them being in decline. We forget about that too. Yeah. We need them around. And so then people were telling the stories about being afraid of bees and not being afraid of bees. And I told one of my favorite stories, which is about going to this farm for camp quest west appreciation weekend for staff, by the way, Cam quest. West amazing place to send your kids if you're anywhere in the California area. There's nor Cal there. So Cal I'll be counselor there Andrews. Going to be a counselor for the first time this year. Yeah. So I was out there. And it was going to sleep in the tent, and I heard what sounded like, I don't know generator some kind of mechanical thing next to us. And when I got up the next day. I asked about this mechanical thing, they said, oh, it's the b tree. And so I went over there. And sure enough there's just thousands of bees swarming around this one tree we had a b tree in my backyard growing up, and this was amazing to me. And I didn't know like is this supposed to be scared of me? I don't know. Why don't I try taking a book and walking right under the b tree it? So it is this movie is this. Michael. Oh, poor MacAulay Culkin port a Thomas J was that his name in the store? I watched that movie a million times as a child who was the girl was that Thawra Birch or ski and ski is that the actress now. Oh, yeah. The characterised veta- Salton fus. Okay. I just remember. She was like, really cute. Yeah. Here. This is gonna freak out our audience, my sibling, and I both went out for that role. That's great talent scout came to our acting class. And we didn't know that's what was happening. But then he liked took the parents aside. It was like, hey, this is what's up? It's this movie with MacAulay Culkin level. We didn't know that's what we're doing. Good thing. You weren't chosing. Then we wouldn't have this podcast might have this back you'd be too famous. I'd be on veep. You'd be busy with beep. You would have taken over her life anyways. So I ended up just chilling under this tree. And we went back some years later, and I just wanted to go straight for that betray again. It was just so pleasant. Sitting underneath it and reading and so as saying how it'd become like a really happy sound they lit up when I mentioned that. And they said, oh, go get the chart, and so it turns out that the sound of bees is the thing in car. Yeah. So they have a bunch of different sounds that represent like different layers of consciousness may even getting this right layers of consciousness there tied to these various planes. Yeah. What do you even we're looking at the chart now that God worlds of act God soup, mud? And then what does it say in little writing ocean of love and mercy? So that helps me there you go. Okay. So I guess we can call these worlds rather than layers or levels..

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