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Phi News. Yeah, I just saw that finished out the last season of the crown last night. Yeah, Why are people still searching for from the Southern California Toyota Dealers? Traffic center. We make it easy. There's a wreck on the 10. And it's been here for some time in Pomona 10 eastbound just before Gary overturned 18 Wheeler. So the carpool and the two left are the ones that keep you can't use that. Just be ready. Tost art, putting on the brakes writer on the 57. Seal Beach. Still working four or five north before Seal Beach Boulevard to right lanes are blocked Your drive heavy from both a chica and up the road in Carson on a four or five north of Wilmington Avenue, crashed there in the carpool and left lane. Ko Phi in the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer Calm Jeff Bossom flooding on the two. Good morning. Thanks for letting us tag along with you here all the usual suspects. I'm afraid for flooding, So let's not first gummy through Glendale south down to the Glendale Freeway before San Fernando Road. Right lanes have flooded. There's real slow from New York. You can get through just slow coming through Burbank, now south of it. Someone has been working since pre dawn. Really, that always floods. I'm sure you know if you've been here for a while, on Lee one lane open. They're coming through that slow coming out from Lankershim and then finally coming through north Hollywood now, But this is North 1 70 north one seventies Sherman Web flooded bad There are a whole bunch of lanes blocked Maybe the carpool lane open. It's again you can get through, but it's slow. That's sure injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Just ball Okay F in the sky to find this guy helps get you there faster. I'm.

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