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Season. It looks like Sandra. Oh is going to host on March thirtieth with tame Impala and tame Impala is pretty good. Yeah. You like them. He's that. It's really just one dude who has a touring band. I can't think of his name. But he's the guy who owned a home in Malibu, and one of his post was I left there with my one guitar and whatever else, and I'm hoping to come back all his gear burn. Oh, it did all burning. Blown collection probably a studio. And was you know, still has to this now is a Rickenbach like the one. Kevin parker. Kevin Parker's the guy. Emma stone is going to host for the fourth time on Saturday, April twenty on April thirteenth and BT ass is the musical guests, and they are actually in the news today for the reasons that is the Korean boy band o k pop stars. Yeah. So police are saying they said this today about ten people were members of this chat group that shared sexually explicit videos of women filled without their knowledge or consent on several high profile k pop stars have been named in this. I'm actually I'm trying to find a name. For these people to see if what are these videos of though, is it of the boys in the band sleeping with these girls. Or is it like in a locker room is really? It is not. I'm not seeing. There's no descriptions of exactly what they're doing. And I'm also not seeing the name BTS in here. I'm seeing that there's a bunch of k pop different dudes from different bands. And they're not, you know, I guess they're assuming that I'm gonna know because these k pop bands are so big that I'll know ban these people are in. But I don't sorry about that. There's also a TV personality some rock band member. And it looks like it's they're just saying here sexually explicit videos of women that were filmed without their knowledge or consent. So I don't know if that means somebody set up a secret camera will they were boning someone and then they're sharing it amongst this group of ten but they're in. They're in trouble. The people who are on the chat. I don't know if any BT Esca, I'm just gonna assume they're the only k pop band I can name. So so there's that any what's coming up in the news that hardly equals this stuff that guys were up to and motley Crue. Oh my God. They're lucky. There was no social media that I'm really curious to see how this movie the dirt. It's coming out any minute, right. It's the biggest net flicks. That sounds right. But it's it's anyway, whatever. Yeah. I got a bunch of stuff coming up, including the inventor that TV show. That's coming on HBO. I have that also who's throwing in their hat to run for president. And a bunch of other nonsense after these. What's.

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