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Our giants insider gonna say this once and log off giants officials have made it clear to me they're not banning Aubrey Huff because they dislike or disagree with this political views they believe he has crossed the line when it comes to misogyny vulgarity and common decency words matter I didn't think it was much of a debate I was wrong a lot of people disagree with the giant stance on this whole thing that's fine I often think there is confusion on what freedom of speech is and what is not your you are free in our country to say whatever you want and we certainly have become social media is is absolutely a a big factor in all this then if you don't go with the sheep then you will get overly criticized sometimes fairly sometimes not but the one thing I would say about this is this is the giants party and they can invite or not invite whomever they want and if they feel like there's a controversial comments that they don't want to deal with and they want to celebrate this team in a certain way and not celebrated in others because certainly if Obree is there there's going to be things said written so forth and they don't they want to do it and that's fine it's your party he does have freedom of speech everybody has for his speech but you're not free from then the ramifications of said speech whether you agree with what he said what he did is that what he didn't say some of it is humor I get it a lot of it is offensive a lot of people are offended by it that's what I that's how I see it I don't have a problem with them not inviting him and I understand I mean a lot of people aren't right on the on the attacks lighting rightfully so I get it are discussing about discussing things are saying things about Larry Baird whether Larry Baer is gonna be there course you can be there is there some apocrypha see in that to some people yeah sure there is I mean Obree have says there is all I'm simply saying is is that it's their party and if you go back and you read his feet your probably going to be offended by something again it's really difficult to offend me I am all for freedom of speech we talk about this right before the show because it it just broken this is the business we're in we like to be able to say the things that we want to say this industry has absolutely changed over the last number of years again a lot brought on by social media of what you can say what you cannot say many people have lost their jobs over Twitter some of it is justified some of it is over reaction that's the way that it is but in reading some of the things that he has written it's pretty offensive and if you look at what the what the giants stand for they're not going to again it's their party I just I see it I get it and I didn't think it was put to a debate because again if you read some of the things he said whether he thinks it's sarcasm and not offensive or not that's fine but it absolutely it is it is and I don't think you have to be somebody who is whether your a easily offended or not some of the stuff is absolutely offensive and I don't think it's political he thinks it is political I don't think it is I think you can have political view points or some question about it but some of it is not funny a lot of it is offensive I get it a lot of the checks are coming or going well what about about Larry very is gonna be there yeah I think it's gonna be there I get it if you think that that he shouldn't be there he was punished for what he was punished for our for what happened in and they're moving on from it so we'll see anyway they go all right could boost is still coming up next a great bunch of stories that Tim is given me today watched box surgery naked guy stealing food that of course was in Florida that that that that that that's was soon I'm faced that too is we have to discuss fees that too because I don't know this and that and eight woman who allowed her grandchildren to smoke weed I don't I'm not in favor that all right those stories and much more the caboose coming next only here on the sports leader you're listening top Papa in line available now on your apple home pod smart speaker he sees KNBR sports leader.

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