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Never want people not talking about you in a positive light but you're right I mean to some extent there's an element of you know you you want to maintain you awareness and relevancy I I'll always think you know I'm not I don't fully subscribe to the old adage that all press is good press kitchen you don't want to wake up and hear people say negative things yes they do but I think that the one thing that I would agree on and that's what is it because those two individuals in particular have gone so over the top with with making a show about dancing such a big deal that I think they get such a of of sort of boomerang reaction from a lot of people go really not sure I I I was with with that Sean Spicer but I'll tell you that that coverage of middle of the top it is a little over the top in the speaking of which if because if a Brian Stelter didn't get your gold maybe this well yeah Mike Huckabee he tweeted out support for you and prayers urging people to vote for you and you wrote on Twitter clearly the judges are not going to be with me let's send a message to Hollywood that those of us who stand for Christ won't be discounted and Chris freight Cuomo said this about that some advice for our freely friend they show like politics is supposed to be about bringing people together dancing not division as your former boss is learning a big tent is about being inclusive not giving people a reason to feel excluded now how does that tweet of yours make people feel excluded what is he talking about that's a funny thing I mean just just worker when I said the judges on with it I got force my point is I'm not winning this on my dance course but there was an entire boycott of the show that had come there was trending on Twitter were all of these folks in Hollywood were saying we're going to we want to boycott the show tune it out and my point fifty two governor Huckabee what Hey look let's show these folks that there are people in America who are Christian who are conservative that way. watch television that want to participate and if you try to boycott as we can show. that we got a voice in this country and it wasn't excluding anybody it was actually including people because I want everyone in this country have a voice and not get shouted out by Hollywood this wasn't started by me they they the day I got it now the trend you know in place of ABC news said that I should be on people like Brian Stelter said I shouldn't be on there was a boycott of me there so if if Chris wants to be critical he should think about his own people because everyone around him said as the previous quote that you play for one the other online commentators over there said that I shouldn't be on and that they wanted a boycott of me and so my point was clearly the opposite that there are a lot of people who they don't recognize watch television that want to see good television that one people included but I actually think that I'm actually it's it's the opposite I want I want people to be included I want people to be United and I think that's what the show is in my point about the judges was pretty clear if you all my scores the judges are going to be with me no then I don't think I'm a good dancer and that's not critical of them as individuals I mean I I made it myself I'm not a critic. all work if unit I can't let you know if you did that I looked at my competition on the show and recognize that there's an unbelievable amount of talent that they possess and and so I want people who want to see me succeed not because of my skill set up their boat president trump bought two from him can hurt by the way is it couldn't hurt I know you guys are good right you want and present trouble good right. we are and I was pleased to have his support.

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