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Thank you for having me. It's so great to hear your voice it really is. I'm super super thrilled. So you know. Let's talk about this new book that you have written fast way to lose weight get smarter and live your longest healthiest life with the bulletproof guide to fasting and thank you to our mutual friends. Michelle and keith. Norris founders of paleo affects. You'll be speaking at the virtual event this weekend. What will you be discussing dave. I'll be talking about the art of biohacking specifically how to do fasting without feeling pain and a lot of people don't do it because they're afraid and i'm going to teach them how to do it without anything that's uncomfortable. I started Right now i have a couple of bulletproof coffee with your bulletproof oil. And i didn't. I started fasting like yesterday. I guess it was around like eleven o'clock twelve o'clock and and you know now we're twelve hours in. That's not that long my body. Typically i can go up to sixteen hours but your book is apps. absolutely fascinating about It it doesn't have to be painful. I'm not hungry right now at all and so. I think it's not actually feel energized. Which you know a lot of people would think. Oh my gosh. If you don't have any food have energy but you know you have been extremely successful with bulletproof coffee. You're bestselling books and you're popular podcasts. But at one time a lot of people didn't know that this. I didn't know this that you wore a size forty six pants and where three hundred pounds and you were quoted as saying that you feel like a young man trapped in an old man's body so what happened. That woke you up to make such dramatic light so many dramatic lifestyle changes. It turns out that. When you're fat. And i can say that because i was i You know it. You don't need to scale All you need to do is wake up in the morning and look at how you feel and everyone who's away like that is kind of desperate to lose weight but were more desperate just to feel really good because when you have that much weight it means the energy that's supposed to become premier food to fuel what you do and how you feel. It's going into excess weight and so you're always feeling like you're in a car that won't accelerate all the way and it's really frustrating. I just kinda hit the wall. Right has three surgeries before i was twenty three and they started eating brain fog right. Today's fourteen all the eighth all diseases of aging. Before i was twenty eight and i'm like i can't do this anymore. I it's it's important half to fix this and my doctor. Just kinda thinks it's in my head but i think it's in my pants because they're big. I have an interesting question. Because i never way myself and i've always maintained unless i was pregnant and even then within twenty pounds of weight i am right now. Sometimes they'll fluctuate at the most five to ten pounds. But are you one that that that that regularly ways yourself. I'm just curious The only time. I regularly weigh myself as if i'm using one of the devices from upgrade labs one of my startups. That's getting things that way but is telling me how inflamed and how much fat around the organs and things that are important for health but your daily wait. It's really a function of how much water you drink. And when you go to the bathroom so it doesn't matter if you use up once a month it's still doesn't matter especially if you're a woman because it's common to have four or five pound fluctuation. What matters is how your clothes fit. I agree well. I have this thing where i look at myself naked in the mirror every day. And that's how i assess you know what parts of my body neat maybe need. More working out Just my level of acceptance. I'm not you know. Super what do i want to say like hard on myself. That's not the. That's not the best word but i don't i don't judge myself. I just evaluate myself daily to always keep myself in check. Do you think that's a good way to keep your weight at a good level. It's a good way to keep your weight into good level if it works for you but if i would have looked in the mirror when i was obese i would have not liked to myself. There's always some level of of personal development there and you're saying this is pretty good. I'd like to improve this little bit. That's healthy if you look at it and go that's shameful that's discussing. How could i have let myself do this. Just what i didn't know is that if that's happening to you it's because there's a problem with your biology. It is not a problem with your willpower people who are fatter willpower athletes. Because we have to go around and get everything done with less power than other people because our power is getting hijacked. And i've found that that learning how to intermittent fasting my first book. The bulletproof diet that that was on the new york times last. I talked about intermittent fasting and it helped to lead the spark where now it's all over the place but what i didn't do was teach people to understand that it doesn't have to be abhorrent when i i had someone told me i should skip breakfast. This is back in the late. Nineties i was. I was horrified. Are you kidding. If i don't need six times a day i'll into starvation mode and i'll start acting like a jerk and i'll be tired all the time because i didn't know how to do it. That's why i wrote this new book. The book is amazing. It really is of course we were privileged to get it ahead of time. It doesn't come out until january. Nineteen but i have to tell you it is so well written. It is such a great book. I'm truly enjoying it. I'm not completely threw it yet. So many incredible great pieces of advice and just data information And for those of you out there just may be getting in your car and just now listening. We're talking to dave asprey his new book fast this way. So you know like you just said people hear the word fasting. They immediately think of food deprivation and starvation and pain but what are some of the other forms of fasting that people don't typically think of shopping just means to go without so if you're on the unhealthy vegan diet then you've decided to fast from animal protein in animal fats. If you are on the kito diet you're fasting from carbohydrates but some of them are interesting kinds of fasting. And the one that i i write about towards the end of the book is actually called spiritual fasting. And this is when you say. I'm going to set aside a couple of days. And i'm actually going to look at the emotions and the feelings of hunger and i'm going to use it to improve myself and but you don't have to do that if it's a monday morning you've got work but you want the benefits of fasting. There are hacks you can do during the fast. So you don't lose energy and you can be a good parent and a good employee. But it's not idea of spiritual fasting to the point that when people ordered the book now and send me the receipt on fast dot com. I'm spending two weeks teaching. Everyone who honors me by reading the book how to do this on a daily thing every morning get on the get on a a webcasting with them and actually walk through. Here's what we're gonna do today. Here's how to do it. Because i think at least a million people in the us alone can sit down and say. I'm gonna learn how to do this without any fear without any suffering and without any deprivation. But eventually i'll teach you towards the very end of this too fast from hate. Don't whole day without thinking anything bad about someone.

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