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Maybe two moves at the wide receiver position it just it can you name me some wide receivers from the tennessee titans of note brossard matthews yes yeah perry don't the lady walker exist exactly yeah you have harry douglas they traded away gorgo green brett lawrie bring back him kendall wright is going to be on the outs i want to talk about rashad matthews who is going to be a forgotten man in drafts weeks eight through seventeen he was the wide receiver seven points per game in points per game number sepp and you think what what happened to recharge matthews in the first half of the season they signed him is a free agent i have to either remind you andre johnson was on that team again remember that do you remember they aldridge us and i don't blame the titans they had an opportunity to pick up a probably first ballot hall of fame wide receiver in say it was is there anything left and they gave him some play it did not work out in weeks one through seven brossard matthews had to split time with under johnson and if you go up and you look about how resort matthews felt about that look at disappoint yeah that's roughly was he was the quite angry so weeks one through several star matthews fifty two percent of snaps we don't we just thought about that's gonna player is not going to get tougher for fantasy purposes weeks eight there seventeen oh ninety percent better once it became a full time player he became great for fantasy purposes he was tied for seventh in red zone receptions despite being twenty fourth in in red zone targets because mariota up beast beast in the red zone and resort matthews it is a huge part of that nine touchdowns almost the thousand yards when he to me basically played half of the season as a starter me it was a great year for rashad matthews he's going to be he's currently the thirty fourth wide receiver in fantasy football cara could address he's gonna be overlooked people are going to want to people are going to want taj a sharp over rashad matthews and i think that's going.

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