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Minutes, President Trump vow severe punishment. If it's confirmed the Saudis killed kashogi for people are charged with fraudulently taking tests for permits on behalf of other. At the registry of motor vehicles state police are working to identify suspects. And our MVP customers involved in that scheme. The president talks about his success in helping get a detained American pastor back. Home from Turkey. ABC's Tara Palmeri has more from the White House, and you Brunson and evangelical pastor from North Carolina. Let's convicted by a Turkish corps who accused him of spying and aiding terrorist Brunson and US officials denied those charges. The pastor celebrating the end of his twenty four month attention by kissing. The American flag after touching down in Germany Trump who is increased pressure on the Turkish government for the pastor's release. So these invited Brunson for a special visit to the White House today brunson's homecoming amounts to a diplomatic high note for Trump who is counting on the support of evangelical Christians for Republican candidates in the November sixth election. Massachusetts health officials announced four new human cases of West Nile virus the new victims include a woman in her fifties and two men in their sixties from Middlesex County, and a woman. In her sixties from Plymouth all were hospitalized. Of course. From Franklin county also died from the disease, this brings the total number of reported cases to forty two this year the highest number ever recorded in the bay state in a single year West Nile is usually transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected. Mosquito Columbia gas utility company involved in last month's explosions and fires in three Massachusetts communities is ordered by state regulators to halt all non-emergency natural gas work the moratorium imposed Friday by the department of public utilities covers all parts of the state service by Columbia. Gas officials say the order won't interrupt the ongoing restoration of natural gas to customers in Lawrence Andover north Andover. Any other work must be approved in advance. By the agency agency spokesman says the directive follows a preliminary report issued Thursday by the national. Transportation Safety Board on the September thirteenth deadly disaster. The report found over pressurization during a pipeline replacement project led to the explosions and fires that killed one and injured twenty five others. WBZ news time is eleven twenty two right now, we have forty eight degrees. And it's raining in Boston. Traffic and weather together. Coming up next Bernie and Phil's has Massachusetts largest selection of Stearns.

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