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Some news of the week from Toby Christie dot com. Yeah, that music's cute, man. I love it. Yeah, that had a flavor of old school, but new school, and it was all over the place. I like it. That's right. So we gotta earn heart in the three, which we knew about, but there's another little tidbit. Yeah, another little wrinkle Larry McReynolds will be the crew chief for the first time in like 22 years. He's getting on the bitbox. Does he remember how? I don't know. This is gonna be interesting. So that's kind of the side thing to watch is to see how far out of touch he is. So that'll be interesting, but yeah, so Jeffrey Earnhardt and the number three car for RCR and the Xfinity race this week. Alada. Super speedway. With Larry McReynolds the crew chief, this is incredible. So this is just totally just mind-blowing. I spoke to Jeffrey Earnhardt about this, by the way, in an interview that's on top of Chris dot com, go check it out. He says that Richard Childress expects them to go to the track, have the best car set in the poll and potentially win this race. So they're not playing around with it. Even though it seems like a big joke with the whole, you know, putting an Earnhardt and three car at Talladega with Larry McReynolds. Right. It just feels like it's just kind of a publicity stunt. They're literally going out to try to win this race. So does Larry still have to do the coverage? That would be great, wouldn't it? I'm pretty funny. You know, has another day job. Sorry, you're still on the clock. Right. Yeah, you're gonna have to be atop the box and you can do your hobby on the side, but you gotta still work. Right, we've been paying you for a while now. And we expect you to do the same this weekend. So that's gonna be fun. The Xfinity cars have changed, of course, but they haven't drastically changed like the Cup Series cars. That's true. That's true. So maybe there is a little bit of comfort and a little familiarity there with Larry McReynolds, but I think he's one of those guys that I don't think actually stops learning. I feel like he's actually stayed pretty, pretty on it. And his broadcasting department because he's always kind of brought the technical analysis and had the cutaway cars and also some other things they've kind of had him doing in that little side room they've got them in now. So I feel like he might know quite a bit still. Yeah, I think at the end of the day, for this type of race it's going to be a lot of strategy and stuff. So I will say Richard Childress is better off with Larry McConnell as a crew chief than if he were to call Cary Murphy or Toby Christie. Well, let's not get crazy here. We are pretty awesome..

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