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Play it. Here's what in the character Cherokee version. You would start to really ramp. Take a big breath by the hands absolutely instinctively did the hand gesture sweeping towards the sky. Oh good you have to Gloria part. Who can sing? Did I fool well myself into thinking I could do this. punch-up it's hard. It's a hard note I might break. My voice is might be the last episode. Can't wait I can't wait wait. What are the lyrics right there? You really don't remember. Was it something that he said. All the voices in your head calling. Gloria I fucking love this so there's also be an internal internal monologue is what we're saying so talking to Gloria. Yeah that's kind of what I feel is the case just because she it's pretty harsh on a friend This this is the only th- The negativity is really the only way. How do I say this the negativity here? I only use when talking to myself. Of course I would never talked to a friend this way. Any therapist listening singer Gary upset about what I just said. But but it's like it almost realizes itself as an internal monologue here say absolutely saying it's you know it's saying Gloria Oriented Gloria. I'm curious okay in the narrative of the song. I read so much about it that I know that this has something to do with like her trying to attract men. Yeah but failing. Yeah perhaps yeah. So she's on the run like so she's always chasing a guy but like maybe stop chasing because you're going to have a breakdown take down. Yes calm down a little bit but then in this section. She's like you don't remember. Was it something that he said. What the fuck are we talking about now? Will it's like like why she's spinning out right. It's like are you actually dwelling on something that this person said to you or you just like making up shit to make yourself. Oh my old therapist used to call that stories You know literally I think it's like anxiety baseline kind of cycle analysis stuff in the song which is why it's so genius it is and also yeah. I think that's becoming more and more common in the public. Discussion has is people being like. Oh this isn't anxiety spiral literally spiraling. We're I mean I think gets good and bad that we're making this language known enough that people can identify what's happening with them and then also maybe like on the negative side using it as a joke. This song on like takes that fought though but doesn't say it in like therapy language which is nice because you have kind of dislike two thousand nineteen like projection of like. Yes well I mean even projection. There you go therapy language. This song is baseline. Are you actually remembering something accurately or is it just something telling yourself. Oh my God. It's so beautiful. That's my new thing now. The people started telling me like I don't know what to make of what he said or whatever and I'm like well honestly isn't the real point what you think it means that story you tell yourself. Say bory America's Dr This person you really don't remember it was okay. It was it something that you said or he said or is it just the voices in your head. That is like incredible advice that you would say to someone. Okay so guys next time you're trying to relate to a friend going through a hard time John Gloria this conversation. It's so nice you will have to change the name and if you do fuck up the Jig we'll be up okay. So now we're getting into the chorus.

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