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The. Book fried passionate and patterns re of college football lives. Here is the Paul finebaum show our one pint cast. Hey, everybody. Welcome into the five Bom show. No, I'm not Paul von ball. I have a lot more hair. And he does I'm Ryan McGee sitting in for Paul today. And I don't know if you all heard, but a there's basketball tournament started today, and I understand it's a really big deal. It's that it's the college something it's like March March mayhem or March wacky nece some like that. Anyway, we're gonna talk about that. Because there are teams from the southeastern conference in action, including this or not here. No coach, no problem. Right. LSU has defeated the BULLDOGS of Yale. They will move on to the second round. Of course, if you've listened to this show or any show, then you know, there's not a head coach there. There's your final score LSU won by five Yale could not have shot the ball worse in the first half. And LSU enjoyed a pretty sizable lead Yale came back for one hundred boisterous crowd down in Jacksonville. And for what also under? Stand the stars of LSU, and they're not full-time head coach at the podium in Jacksonville as we speak into the shooter's making it tough for those guys get to the pain, the second half came out and gave up some easy baskets. But I I give the credit. They're good team. They play a lot of confidence a lot of poise and they made some big shots. They needed to. But we were able to make some free throws down the stretch to enable us to win the game. We got some stops that we needed down the stretch. But we're really really happy to have to win thoughts here. Just reminder, no video on cellphones photos or cool. Let's get some questions for the players. I and we'll get those guys out of here. We'll spend a little more time with the head coach. We'll start here on the right side. And you next her. Jerry Carino from the report press as what was like for you your tournament. Dave, you had it live up to maybe what you dreams your expectations were coming in those pretty tough Haro team that you know, who didn't let up in. They were very very competitive in. You know, that's something you're gonna see throughout the whole March, man. Second row in the left. And then you next, sir. This is for any of you guys after having such a close game against Florida, go the other way, how nice was it for you guys bounce back in crunch time and stave off that push. Jeez. How's Florida game dingo excuse me, the way we wanted to go? But as a team we were able to grow from it and pretty much learn we had to make free throws coach and everything's just fall into place. I. In the oil. Yes, sir. Mazuz that came a little closer than you had hoped. What can you learn from that game that you can take to move on on Saturday and hopefully going forward, I mean, just control you can toll on the temple on both sides of the floor on as as far as the home the whole team, you know, just plain our best going out and playing hard as we can. Go LSU with a five point win over Yale. Like, I told you head into the the brief comments there from the podium that looked like it was going to be a blow out in the first half. LSU certainly showed no signs of any hangover or any distraction because of what all has been going on down there in the headlines Yale played as bad as they can play in the first half, obviously played much better in the second half. But LSU hangs on for that win. They will play the winner of the Belmont, Maryland. Game course Belmont just played their way into that game..

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