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That's pretty significant. Rj so i think to me especially if you take the one of your best players album core. The heart sold at offensive line. And you don't have you have to run you're on the road is gonna be frigging hostile. They're given out raise man to celebrate ethnic. The parties continued man. They're still. They're still at high when the super bowl fifty five so right to me. I think that to me is simple as that sounds and they get little little shaves right. I think running the football under the circumstances. Losing your best player office associate said to me. That's going to be something to write about. Second best player right. Yes so. I don't want to put words in your mouth. I would verbalize that point as saying if they are efficient on offense if they have manageable third-down like if they're getting into third and seven thirty and eight. That's how you lose this game. You know what i mean like. If you're in in third downs that are difficult to pull up. You need you know. You've you've gotta you know you've got to take advantage of first and second down. That's why you know people hate running on first down because they call. So i would say you've got gotta have manageable third dance. That's that's the key for me. If i had to give an answer. I mean which is kind of the point i would say it's like winning the turnover battles to to general right like because that goes that sang if they win the most teams that went about the nfl games. But i think you know a stat that i screamed. All last year was how infrequently the cowboys began possessions on the positive side of the fifty yard line through their first seven games last year. They began to possessions on the positive side. One possession on the positive side of the fifty yard line. And so if you're kind of like i said like if if you're asking your offense to convert third and seven thirty and eight over and over and over again it's not going to end. Well even the best offenses in the nfl. It's going to be difficult. And so similarly. If you're asking your offense to drive seventy nine yards. Eighty one yard seventy six ers. It's it's tough against anyone let alone against one of the best defense in the nfl. And so this defense is going to have to help the offense like i know. That's a general way to put it to but we're going to need a three and out we're going to need a turnover three but maybe it's a three and out after one. I down like we're gonna need short possessions. The cowboys defense is going to have to two to three different times. Give the cowboys respectably. Nice field position right sixty yards to go. Because if you give this cowboys offense we think you know the you know the ball on their own forty yard line. You're getting points right like even if you walk away with a field goal. You're getting points on that possession and so you've gotta stack those up and every opportunity to get points in. This game is going to be so critical because this is so good. And that's i'm a little like i. Just a teeny bit worried about greg's line. Just because he had the shaky start. During the first day of practice he hasn't really kicked into the preseason. I'm not like ready to panic about it. But you know this is not a game where you can be squandering opportunities to score points. As my overall point on the table without a doubt right and i think most teams that get the ratio of them getting the ball on the thirty five yard line and they have obviously a lot higher opportunities score points. But i think it also is it. This receiving core has so much hype in his is so talented. And i think with blake. Jaren me knows a lot. The yard to be had and i think when you play a defensive so good upfront i mean those dudes are you got golsen. We've mentioned databa- you've got I mean those guys. i mean. They're like they're they're not the most active guys i mean they're just big and look you got to get them running east and west and i make it stay on the field orman of in the first game of the season to me. I think is very critical. Because look i think. Death is crucial. Because i know the first game of the season. You're not used to going fifty five sixty five snaps a game. And if you're out in the field l. on the fourth quarter. My gosh i mean you're talking about getting punched in the gut. Made the duration of the game to me that is also you know the the time of possession time of possession keep bryant fall into me run. The football is something that you really are able to create an and the weapons of cd. Land amar cooper's already said he's the best wide receiver in the nfl. You got now is another quote. I was surprised. Been guys kinda validate himself with like. He's like went on to say. Oh cowbell date myself my shoulder. So there's a lotta showcasing be going on in this game. Which i like it. You want to get back it up. Yeah man i mean this. Is you know what this is. And i don't think you watched. Game of thrones right weren't rat. Don't don't waste your time a lot of great movies. A lot of great centers. That i just got that i enjoy. It gives me something to look forward to. But no game of thrones. It's you know for anyone that is The final season took two years. So i forget what number was like seven or eight whatever. The final season was but after the second to last season it was announced that it was going to take two years so we waited two whole years for this final season to common that land and it was disappointed. and so. that's kinda sad. Exactly how i feel. But we've been waiting. You know like i dunno. Fans of The tennessee titans have been waiting a long time. I mean there are team lost in the wildcard round of the playoffs last year. So they've been waiting a long time to get to see this team but they've seen this team right. They're seeing ryan tannehill they've seen derrick henry brown like yeah they're to julio jones whatever but my point is we've gone even longer in i mean we we've gone what feels like two years since it kind of has been two years. I mean the the two thousand nineteen season broke for the cowboys. Right like right around thanksgiving when they got their ass kicked by buffalo and then they got destroyed in chicago and then it was really obvious. The jason garrett was out and they got embarrassed in philadelphia. I mean that last month the twenty nine thousand season was was like pulling teeth. And so then. The mike mccarthy era begins and the pandemic hits and then we're waiting forever to see sports in general we see the cowboys comeback and we get a small just baby taste of what nice life can be like as a cowboys fan and then dak prescott is taken away from us so this has been a really really really long time coming and so it it's going to be interesting like besides the fact that we're hopeful it's going to be interesting.

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