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You are interested in learning more about her it is six twenty eight at newstalk eleven ten ninety nine three wbz let's check in with deborah tobin thanks chad the federal government has less than a week to agree night what may still be several thousand children with their undocumented immigrant parents he'd be sees andy field has reaction from washington health and human services secretary alex as are defending the trump administration policy of separating children and their parents when levy legally crossed in the us i wouldn't get in prison but the president has reversed that policy he now faces a july ninth deadline to reunite children under five years old hhs hasn't said how they'll be able to do that several thousand children separated some in different cities andy field abc news washington president trump is moving closer also to deciding his deck supreme court nominee and intense jockeying is going on from various factions trying to influence his choice to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy trump's current top contenders are federal appeals court judges amy coney barrett brett cavenaugh and raymond catholic trump plans to announce his selection on monday night a house fire created a challenge for firefighters at hickory hill d'alene in mooresville here's fox forty six howard romero with details now you mentioned that they had to take the water out of lake norman essen 'cause are no fire is in here in the neighborhood so in order for them to put this fire out they had to go into pump the water out of lake norman and then use that water in order the fights this fire it's the fire chief says at about fifty fire crews out here at one point there now down to a few engines that's howard monroe with fox forty six many of us are headed to the beaches with their families this week and we hope to enjoy sometim off but make sure you're aware of jellyfish and hilton head island there were reports of two hundred stings in one day over thirteen miles of beaches covered in that area ficials say they could get up to a thousand reports a day they say lifeguards carry vinegar because it helps neutralize the sting you may want to do that also wbz traffic here's hey thanks that we have an incident reported in uptown charlotte being watch for this on the eleventh street at revarnish to the east on sharon md road at milton road couple of incidents south charlotte voter road at nations ford and on carowinds boulevard i seventy seven in west shorted allsteel creek road near wilkinson boulevard boomer voncannon wbz traffic let's take a look at wbz sports with sharon thorsland.

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