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With the clippers. I've been told though, they each of those guys is leery of the narrative that they joined each other like Haiti doesn't one another narrative of all he went and joined Kawai collide other one a narrative of all he went join K D L it has to be that way because they both would be going through the same. But for this game. Yeah. They don't want that narrative. Well, you can't you can't join another star. And not have that narrative that you are joining good play. And there's nothing wrong with. I mean it joining Kawai or kyri is not like joining Golden State after they want seventy three games. So I I don't think either of them should be worried about that. So, but that's what some people have told me. So we have a story this week. Rick Bucur had it a couple of different people Senate. I suggested it about two weeks ago. I said, listen, the only asset the Lakers really have is LeBron James Kyle. Kuzma, the deep second asset wave. I mean, he's a five starter on a really good team. Boston, celtics. I'm not sure he starts warriors. He doesn't start Houston. Maybe starts. So they have LeBron. But there are stories now that Jeanie Buss was so ticked off at clutch sports, Rich, Paul Braun that she considered the it was brought up. Does that shock? You the story came out. Well, we both know RIC Bucher we worked plays. I've known him for decades. He's a reporter. And we had Rick on our show yesterday to couple rob parking. And I brought up to look this hour. I've talked to people involved in this story who've denied adamantly say it is not true. I brought that up to Rick. I brought it why did you kind of bring up that? Like, usually that would be the lead, right, gene? The Lakers consider trading LeBron James, and he kind of had it down on those six seven paragraphs. But he said because it wasn't, you know, the gist of the story was that LeBron couldn't fetch that much on the market anyway. So that's why. He kind of had it lower. But my point is people are denying. That's what I've been told. But I I don't know whether it's true or not, however. I look contemplated. I mean, a lot of things have crossed people's minds. I'd hate to tell people what's the things that have crossed my mind. You know what I'm saying? Right. So, but it may be a cross their mind enough to tell them Rick told us on our radio show yesterday that he crossed her mind to the point where she asked magic and Pelinka Rapa linka does he have a no trade clause. And so that's a little young or consideration. If that's the case how about this. So for the last fifteen years, I always felt like there was LeBron. And then a bunch of good players underneath him like. Kevin durant? Obviously Kawai harden that thinking about it this way as great as Tom Brady is he just wanted to bowl. He was almost the MVP two years ago. I would absolutely trade Tom Brady for Patrick Mahomes today. Right. Without even thinking about it. I would absolutely trade Tom Brady for about five young quarterbacks in the league. There are four players in in basketball in the world right now that I would trade for over LeBron Janas Durant. Stephens I on. I would absolutely listen K D, probably too. I put him Yano. You said Durant in Zion. I would trade for them before I would trade for LeBron James. And there's by the way, I didn't put harden. And I m b I didn't m b Ted an injury history..

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