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Golden state media concept social media podcast time to hashtag every vin wizards mariano and pauline hashtag paul yano we talk about all the foreign crazy stories on social lever it's the grant to facebook twitter to tumbler are probably even friends to join us each as we explored the quirky side of social media it's the golden state media concepts social media podcast liz burke in person from that though one then we rely you a new in is two in his good morning everyone my name is mariano and i'm pauline and we are pauley on oath pollyannaish and finally back in the studio i missed it here he's back i missed him she's like but it it is good to be back and i've already we've already god stop on a lot of things you will you act like he doesn't miss me idea no i did see third is right there the the honesty the honesty the vulnerability digits though he looks at me that it's in studio he's directly with us years and had led maria man this was a funny we get seems like a lot of a lot of political stuff going on this week though yeah there's been these last few weeks like just july in general had only july has been crazy there's a lot of funny things happening there's a lot of not so funny things happening i know like p g my pee ginny bill came out to but one hundred fifty bucks more than less oh shut other pigeon heard way overcharging so literally everything there's there's a lot of things going on i don't know if it's because it's summertime and probably in the state fair it's going on i think we talked about this a fair is going on so people are doing that i will not be partaking in that she is too high too hard to do all that i know for accurately.

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