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NHL broadcaster check. I think about 40 years of your life has been spent in front of a microphone with hockey. Exactly. You also have football. You were a Michigan. Oh, yeah. Michigan, Wisconsin, nine years in the big 10, And it was delightful to be a part of all of that. That's always fun to have a voice like that. In the studio of it. You can see the voice now see the voice and then we have Mr Greg Barry in He's a financial All Star, one of the best members of my financial planning team and handles from central to eastern North Carolina. Mainly right, put some miles on. Yeah, office down. There were grand fall Wilmington. Yeah, And then, of course, up here in the triangle research trying to rally we have the big office and Greg's an extension of the big office. Does a really good job down there, guys? Let's talk about one of the main concerns a Chuck, you are You. You talked a lot of athletes who retired a lot of broadcasters. A lot of people in the NHL. Whoever he retired, and you told me the main concern people have is income when you get to retirement. Absolutely. And you know what? It's almost like an oxymoron to coach because you think these guys make tons of money. And what they do for a little bit of time, right? And you would think that they would know what to do with it. We've seen many cases and especially and it's transcend a different generation. So I'm not just talking about the guys in the seventies and eighties, right talking about guys up to 15 10 15 years ago who entrust people with their money and suddenly they don't have it, And they're wondering why on our radio show our national radio show each week we do something called brokers behaving badly and every single week I see So many bad insistence of people take advantage of PDO and I send it over to Steve's at all who's in our production facility, and he asked to do so. He's got the toughest job in the world. He has to take all these fraud cases. And he has to pick the one that he thinks will be the best segment on the radio. Constant, multimillion dollar theft of money where people didn't realize it was happening. Well, let me tell you something, you know as well. I do in case you didn't know this. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Coach. Pete is a big Boston Bruins fan. I am and he remembers the name of Robert Gordon. Or Yeah, we had Bobby Orr on our show You absolutely. And so Robert Gordon Orr had a an agent named Alan Eagleson. And a nine year career, which was lucrative for the time. I mean, we're talking. I made 102 $100,000 a year back, then had nothing at the end, And the reason was, he entrusted Eagleson, who later went to jail by the way, because he treated a lot of players like that. Wrongly, well. Bobby Orr was one of the best hockey players ever seen He his career We have been he would have a 20 year career, but he had bad knees. Absolutely nine years he would just cut off. But and now you know the nice thing. There's a moral of story. He is now a player agent representative, and he does right by his client. Well, he he learned from his mistakes, and he's training his clients to not Fall for the same dirty tricks. He did the same thing with Rocky Bleier used to the radio show with Rocky Buyer. Pittsburgh Steelers running back fullback on the Super Bowl winning teams back in the seventies, and he said, Coach, I fell for the wrong advice. I believed in the wrong people, and I fumbled my retirement. So he wrote a book called Don't Fumble Your Retirement. Money lessons going by four times. In our daily lives. Now here's your host, Dan Celia. Welcome back. 6 10 to 16 11. Welcome back to financial issues It is Thursday. July 1st. Yeah. First day. Of the Second half of the year. This is going to be a very interesting second half of the year. I hope, although it is extremely unlikely. That we don't have a Second half like we did the first half full of uncertainty. As a matter of fact, very, very little certainty. In the first half of the year, the only thing was certain. Was that there wasn't going to be any certainty so we need to hopefully, see that happen here. In the second half. So I hope that you will Stick with us and be a part of this second half of the year, there is likely to be a lot of changes. I am contemplating many changes in and around our strategies as we move forward. We will continue to add companies. There is concern about over evaluation of the market. I'm not very concerned about that, and won't likely be concerned about that. Until Mm third week of this month. And so maybe fourth week until we're well into early season. So stocks have been continuing to go up. So how could it be that we are not overvalued? Because earnings going up dramatically brings valuations into play. I don't know if you'll remember this. But back when The election of President Trump. Was passed and I'm talking about the November of that election year in December. Before he even took office. Evaluations. From my perspective. I won't speak about all of Wall Street, but I do believe that they followed suit. Not following me, but they felt the same way as a better way of putting it. In that.

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