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I'm Andrew moolah on today. Show this whole thing about flipping. They call it. I know all about flipping for thirty forty years. I've been watching flippers. Everything's wonderful. And then they get ten years in jail and they, they flip on whoever the next highest one is or as high as you can go. It almost be outlawed. It's not fair. But what possible reason could Donald Trump have for being so deeply interested in this particular potential reform of the Justice system? My guest married to Jesse and Florence beat him, and we'll be discussing this and the day's other top stories, including the release of the UK government's best guesses of what a no deal Brexit might look like the meeting of the national security advisers of the United States and Russia, and they are for the moment, different people and possibly the worst judged politicians holiday in recent memory. That's all coming up on the Dory house on monocle twenty four right now. Now. And welcome to Madari house. My guest today, I'm married to jetski columnist for the independent and the guardian and Florence Biedermann London bureau chief for Asians, froze. Press welcome, both. And we will start here in the UK where listeners with memories stretching back a couple of years into bit. We'll be able to recall advocates for Brexit soothingly, assuring that the process would be an easy agreeable ambled to sunlit our plans of prosperity and so forth. A couple of years under bit late. The UK government has begun publishing advice on the implications of Brexit occurring about seven months from now without a deal in place. The most optimistic summary would appear to be minor inconvenience for intangible reward. The most pessimistic self inflicted national emergency Mary. First of all, there's a lot of detail in these reports in these are these are not the first there is plenty more where this came from, basically, what have. We learned. What have we learned. Print to this. I mean, I found it completely unbelievable because some of this is what the government has been steadfastly refusing to make public for months. There was all the, it was the idea that this material existed that it was being worked on, but it wasn't published. Suddenly today we've got a whole string of papers of precautions that companies and others might be wise to take in the event of aid, no deal Brexit. And given that the government has been speaking for the law sort of two months. Every time somebody produces some some sort of warning like saying, oh, will the health service and GP's of busy stockpiling medicines for six months because the maybe disruption in supplies, government and the Brexit tiers of turned around and said, that is complete rubbish. That is the fear gender that just trying to tell people that that the that everybody is every. Body should fear Brexit in. This should be another second referendum. Now, what we see is that exactly that and a whole slew of other measures that look very similar to the supposed alarmism are actually put down in black and white as precautions that companies and people should be taking. There is some extraordinary detail in there. I, I was particularly struck by just stuff as minute as the fact that the UK will in the event of a no deal Brexit. Florence need to shoot new warning pictures to put on cigarette packets because the copyrights of all those pictures of diseased lungs are in fact owned by the EU come. If especially in the event of a no deal Brexit Brexit come March. Thirtieth next year. There's going to Britney suddenly going to be confronted with about twenty thousand things. It didn't even think about, isn't it? I mean, I think this love of detail is a bit suspicious to me. Why did you start cannot example on cigarette butts? Is it really one of the most important thing that would affect the life of the people? So I mean, these documents, yes are interesting to me are interesting because yet they have selected some topics using the list is much longer. Why did they choose this one?.

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