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Tony Katz. Mon on Community Center in Carmel is open for fitness at the moan on community Center. Your health is their priority. Find everything you need for a worry free workout, including a socially distance fitness center, indoor pool and group fitness classes from cycle to yoga to strength. Memberships are all access and started just $44 a month with no joining fees, no cancelation fees and no contracts become a member of caramel clay parks dot com. Hi I'm Rick Adelman. And I have a feeling that retirement is on your mind. You're wondering if you saved enough or whether your money is in the right places. You're wondering when will you be able to retire? Or will you be able to stay retired? And is your money sufficient so you can live in comfort and financial security for the rest of your life? You're wondering all this, but you really don't have to just wonder you can resolve all these questions in your effort to enjoy a retirement. That's everything you wanted today, and we can help at every woman from Angel engines. Our clients are predominantly concerned about retirement, your financial security, financial security for your spouse for your aging parents for your Children, and we can help you just like we've helped thousands of folks just like you for more than 30 years. So call us that Everman financial engines at Triple Eight Plan Rick That's Triple Eight Plan Rick or visit us that Ric Edelman dot com That's rice, Delmon dot com. Don't wonder about your retirement because we're here to help you. Tony Katz for Bhura modeling the award winning remodeling company serving Indianapolis in the surrounding area. They served me they we did my guest bathroom. It looks amazing Talk to them about your kitchen or master bath Redo. Now is the time they are a top 100 modeler in the nation family owned and operated since 2001 call now to set up a free in home consultation with one of their kitchen and bath consultants, 3178525546 on Linerboard b 00 h er bua remodeling.

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