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Uh-huh. I'm Jay sleigh Cobb. And you're listening to masterpiece studio. The Reverend Osborne Whitworth is the lowest of the low in Cornwall brutally assaulting his wife. More wena and pushing to commit her to an insane asylum when she refuses his advances. Not at a mock deterioration behavior. Periods of profound melancholy suffers increasing from the most alarming delusions and continues to refuse me my conjugal rides. Which leads me to conclude that she's beyond helping would be better off in an institution. But this week on pulled arc Reverend Whitworth finally gets his just deserts from the most unlikely of sources Arthur cuckolded husband his sister-in-law row. Ella frightens ozzy's horse and ends up sending him to an early grave reverent worse. What do you want? This is what I want. Christian brassing? Tin truly went all in to play the awful, Ozzy gaining weight and growing out his hair to illustrate the vile reverence over fed image depraved ability. I think he's is endless. He can never really be satisfied. He has gone through his entire life expecting everything to happen. For him. The moment he clicks, his fingers demands it brassing tin joins us to discuss how it felt to play. The repulsive OSCE what look forward to now that he's through with dark, and how ozzy's Tofig came to life on the screen. And this week we are joined by pulled Arcstar Christian brassing. Ten welcome. Hello. Thank you. Christopher Biggins who played Ozzy in the nineteen. Seventies adaptation was voted the most hated man in England for his performance. Did you have any trepidation about stepping into ozzy's? Rather large shoes? I didn't have any trepidation because the PA is so wonderful. I think that when you start on a show like Paul dog. You don't quite realize the impact that it has not I'm saying I would change anything now. But I I died in headfirst such a wonderful character in such a treat to play. So don't worry about that, particularly. And I also think that if do become the most hated man on television, if that's a Monica that can be applied Donahue decides that quite then I think we've probably done our job because he is vile, and he is hateful. So I could maybe take it as a perverse compliment, given the the public reaction to Christopher Biggins in the nineteen seventies have. Have you been recognized in the streets and been shouted at by any angry pulled arc fans. I haven't no because between series. I lose the weight and grow a bed until it. Anyone really recognizes me up until recently where I had to have my bitch shaved my hat Cup full role in a movie, and rather alarmingly assume as that happened people started coming up to me in the streets and saying all your awful vicar from Potocani, so it's starting to happen. A lot more frequent. I'm not sure how about that. But so far people being slightly wary, but polite true or false. It was your own decision to gain weight for the role rather than the producers. True. Yes. True. But he I mean, he is overweight. It says in the in the books that he. Crushes his his pregnant wife mwana in the most Ariffin circumstances much vote. So I think that if we hadn't embrace that side of his physicality than would have been doing a disservice to the to the writing I think, but nice certainly nobody says you can only do this job if you on two and a half stain. No one that to me I wasn't forced into. To get to that point. You had to eat a diet of of thirty five hundred calories a day to book up. What was that process? Like, well, the thirty five hundred calories a day prices was full series three. And that was pretty good. Most of the time. I just went for it. I was eating burgers and drinking beer and pizzas and coming out for Curry's and just having amazing time and never limiting limiting myself. If you if you want to have a dining, then have another one or have some ice cream. So that was kinda great fun. However, I didn't feel particularly healthy. So for series four we approached in a much more scientific way. And I work with a nutritionist Lisa Jones and her husband is personal trainer could Neel Eldon and for this series. It was four thousand calories a day of healthier food. It was healthy food is just an awful lot of it and lots of heavyweights squats deadliest trying on his much muscle mass as well as the inevitable fat when you eating that much not not running doing any cardio. So seriously, a lot of fun didn't feel very healthy series for was a lot of hard work. But I think that I was kind of my buddy doing it in that way. It did you just lose the weight immediately as soon as you stop that diet. We haven't insurance period after you stop filming while you have to maintain your parents, essentially just in case we need to. Go back. And then after that, I go straight on it. Jim twice a day and working with a personal trainer. Gannon's really what you might I amend. That's been slightly interrupted by a film that I've just done where my character was described as being portly. So I thought well, I better not go too crazy with it. So I'm oppose it slightly. But we'll begin back on it. Now to really to yet, the get rid of the very last vestiges of Ozzy because that's not. So when you want to be carrying around with

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