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Locators our radars yet says that's his pads had phrase whenever there's an issue on the track problems problems uh problems saturday night is what we're talking about under the lights seven thirty pm eastern nbc lashes winter by the way brad keselowski kenny do it back to back carry i dunno i dunno point standings how about this this is huge and i'll you'll find out in the second brackets laskey one hundred forty points back of the leader then you've got to kyle busch kevin harvick is still at number three i'm massive one hundred eleven back and then these to basically you're on a road by themselves martin shrinks junior thirteen back of the leader kyle larson yes but one things reset for the playoffs as it stands currently tricks will be leader jimmy johns won't be second followed by colors and third so i wouldn't be too obsessed with this point things just yet the thing it's important for the people that have a onerace as yet like bush dale earnhardt jr some of their has matt kenseth so those the as it's really important for and this is a great opportunity this weekend to get a win for these guys that haven't gone when yet drivers do and dandy at daytona we begin with last year's winner branca slaski has a win threetime fives four top tens and average finish of twenty one that's not too good now kabua's she's got a win here won't happen this week because we can't get rid of the hat yet to seventy five eight top tens and a average french of eighteen point three is brother his womb meets one win is name is kurt busch third santa ines fives while they they came out of the okay seventy theft says average fetisov fifty bad visual the hammer he's gonna win here six fire service route ten the average transfer seventy boy one he's been one of the better restrictor play raced drivers over the last few years kevin harvick as two wins nine top fis fourteen top10 to pull average finishes sixteen all these average finishes really blow yeah there's lots of bigger exa happen at this track how about mac kenneth as we like to call him rent indonesian run into him again.

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