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To the field side. Cats up to go back to the boundary side two times in a row. In this case Jokes doesn't get much, but he gets the first down. That's all you needed was one yard 14 carries 54 yards for Jared Doakes. He's topped 100 to the last two weeks. Got there last week with a 35 yard touchdown run late in the game, finished with 105 against SM You, 1st and 10 bear cats from the 30 of Memphis jet motion by Tucker. They toss it forward to him, Trey Tucker. Man. He could move. He picks up 11 down to the 19 yard line as the bear cats enter the Toyota Red Zone. See normally when you see a little guy with speed like that they go to the edge, and the first thing they want to do is go as wide as they can, Because they can outrun people, not Tucker. He takes that ball back up inside sheds a block a tackler. And picks up another first down 1st and 10 at the 19 yard line of the Memphis Tigers. 2.5 minutes to go here in the third quarter, wide receiver Jordan Jones goes in motion lines up to the right. Michael Young out to the left double tight ends in in a pistol formation Taylor to the left wildly to the right. Jasmine Red Hands it off to Jared Doakes. He will not make it back to the line of scrimmage. Giulio Club Clemens. Has him in a bear hug and tackles him for a one yard law. You could see Memphis on that bring in their guys up, and it was like, okay, this running is even though trade Tucker's last 12 yard or 11 yard, Kerry was a pass. It was like a run and their fans. Cincinnati is just trying to run the time off the clock. Right now we're going to gamble that they're going to run the ball. They guessed right on that one. Lock running 1 42 left in the 3rd, 2nd and 12 Officially at the 21 of Memphis. Three receivers spread out to the wide side left Ritter back to throw bouncing in a pocket floats it toward the end zone Tucker wide open touchdown. Their cats,.

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