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The Danny parking show he is off for the holiday weekend he will be back next week my name is Kerr there's a fill in a form I appreciate you listening going give me a follow on Twitter at C. dot Heris so we're talking a little bit of NBA we're talking about Russell Westbrook what's the rest Brooke is the real loser of NBA free agency he was just sitting there happy with the moves that the Oklahoma City thunder made sitting there were Paul George look Inada potential for five seed out west and now Paul George place for the clippers and you could be getting traded so the Orlando Magic you know they say about life comes at you fast so that's the situation Russell Westbrook find himself in so I'm asking the question of what should you do if your Russell Westbrook I think you should demand a tree Ali Russell has two years left of playing at this high of a level so you got to get you got to try to win a ring while you're still plan at a high level because I don't know how long you're going to play at a high level I look at Allen Iverson's career he started taking the downturn of his career at age thirty two in Russell is a year and a half away from he turns thirty one in November bands coming for Russell pretty quickly and you don't want to be paying pistons Allen Iverson or nuggets the second time Allen Iverson forty seven million dollars and that's what it looks like they're going to be doing in Oklahoma City so I think you have to move on from if you trade a before the start of the season because that's probably what's best so every game it is it Hey Russell what are you here now Russell if we play very nice when it comes to that you either do that or you move about the all star break I think those are the two options honestly I think those are the two options I don't think he can stay there I don't think it makes a lot of sense for him given his window I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense for Oklahoma City let's go back to the phone lines to hear what you guys think about a dray in Minnesota go address thanks for taking my call no problem All I Want to say is that I think Russell Westbrook would fit well here in Minnesota for the time being however once his contract expired the ones cat contract expired I think it's a wash it's a done deal I don't think either or going to be here long term so I think Minnesota is going to be back where they started trying to build from the bottom to the top once again and I say that because of that here Glenn Taylor it's kind of he seems like the private owner that wants to build with mediocrity and doesn't want to build from the ground up or try his best to get the stars will make can't Reno when they can come here you know and I understand it's been a soda per se it's cold here no one wants to come here whatever you want to say but the point is that we don't try our hardest or we pay mediocrity example and your weekends you know we we give them all to make contracts and they're not in order that's not what we need so I'll I'll hang up and listen that makes you want to say is that you know we could do it for the short term but you know is it going to work for the long term that's all I got to say no I appreciate the phone call Russell Westbrook's contracts not working for anybody long term not Minnesota not my aiming not Oklahoma City it's not going to work long term pain Russell Westbrook forty seven million dollars at age thirty four is not a winning proposition but I look at Minnesota I disagree with you a little bit when it comes to Minnesota I think their plan was the smart plan we had Kevin love didn't win anything we traded Kevin love for a top draft pick any injury weakens we have Karl Anthony towns we build around those guys we had Jimmy Butler on our team we had our version of the big three it just didn't work sometimes you can do the right thing and you get the wrong result Minnesota I think did the right thing point three pounds of the top five big man you thought at the time you had a merging wing player Andrew Wiggins rookie of the year you thought that he had another ceiling he was going to improve he just hasn't improved I live in Kansas city so I watched a lot of major Wiggins Kansas the university campus is forty minutes away from where I live so I've I've seen a lot of major Wiggins the same player he was a Kansas is the same player he is right now in the NBA the good and the bad he will have stretches where he looks like he could be Kevin Durant he will have stretches where you don't even know that he's on the court I was the com Casper ball all the time they're called a hater because you're from Missouri but you can just see it he will go through long stretches of where he was not a dominant player and not the player he can be and I think that's just who is going to be I don't think there's another gear for injure weakens so I I actually don't really have any fault with what Minnesota tried to do you had Kevin love you trade of ranger Wiggins you then paid Wiggins you had a car in the towns you traded for Jimmy Butler you had Jeff Teague you felt like you had a good roster for whatever reason the combination of those three four players didn't work and now you got to do something else that's what I think happened with the Minnesota Timberwolves let's go back to the phone lines schon in Wisconsin was a shaman is what John or at our door Hey how's it going there are yeah what chart your vote what Russell Westbrook are you really think at this point in his career that he has learned that but he can't be themselves do you really think you want to win I don't know if Westbrook has learned that to be completely honest I don't know if you learn that and where he is something else he's an all star but he is also consultation and it's it's hard to walk sometimes it's amazing to watch but it's also hard to watch that you don't understand the game at the point guard your man no I I can I completely understand and and thank you for the phone call I I get it I just think at this point Wiggins like he's thirty years old going on thirty one years old what what he is a basketball player that's it unless he sees his athleticism completely declining diminish I don't know.

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