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Two should call hundreds of members of the Illinois National Guard headed to the Gulf news is next but first the WLS weather channel forecast well summertime turns this weekend self was winter back the summer humidity kind of trying to move back into the Chicago forecast just a couple of nights ago we're talking fifties in the suburbs that's gone seventy degrees of lake shore tonight chance for thundershowers Saturday eighty seven and ninety on Sunday with isolated thunderstorms next front comes into Chicago Monday and that's our heaviest rainfall over the next several days some half inch totals Monday eighty one from the weather channel I'm Scolari more W. LSA made ninety with another update thirty minutes it's hot muggy out there at o'hare AT four midway eighty five degrees the lake front is eighty four degrees our sponsored in part by Comcast business every day Comcast business is helping businesses big and small go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary because beyond a simple transaction there's making a customer for life Comcast business beyond fast take your business beyond at Comcast business dot com the Illinois National Guard set to deploy four hundred soldiers to Afghanistan what officials say is the largest mobilization from the state in nearly a decade Mikhail has our story the Tribune reports said members of the one hundred seventy eighth infantry regiment that's headquartered on the south side of the city will start leaving this weekend to start a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan the soldiers will first go to Fort Bliss in Texas then head to Afghanistan.

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