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Doesn't matter the magic hello and welcome to flint savage in me matthew the ping pong guy sired before we get going thanks so much for getting in touch again through the week he's in the hashtag fred saf side you can use that hash tag to suggest topics and issues you'd like to hear about next week let's start as we always do by what we've been doing in the last few days fred's any tears you know what my view not says this week nearly back to normal but not going to lie what i've been doing all you know i've been i've been avoided in situations that could bring tears hobie sissy for the main signs on the ban list i'm not what you know be sits it i'm not going twenty functions which involve retirement or anything because i can't keep crying i kept crying cry but say what did do this week i went to watch the champions league match that i watched less than but goes to the ground i didn't watch it at all i watched it in annoucing less i'm doing this job for compnay author the i think you obviously said job for right you have got bills to pay bill he'll do anything for a few kids coming from the man it would jump on a lions back from the five hundred hey you don't even have a go at me so aggressively sows and the premises you sit and watch the champions league we find bins when oslo fines up into the funds this time against leicester towards the less to seville game of not a family of fox's of answer real real dues dressed as fox's on the watched it on a must admit when i thought it was going to go into extra time always i i was was panicking kim my west got through i am celebrated as much have you ever had foxe's at night we embed yeah bizarre isn't it yeah gino why no you don't know why the noise they make yeah because it's fox unless you're this is going to get him but i'll tell you is because fox is when they have been reproduce all right right bob will this week's got spikes on it and things we the female is that what was just that's just that's just niche right that's just a niche as it is buying on the noise punk fine mate nature i am your man wow tweeting david attenborough so you'd be true i recognize apocryphal robbie directly it's fallon i agree i've had a good week at a few things cheltenham when leicester murtha ted vote on nothing but the main thing of double a dictionary and i've got two in why is you table wobbly he calls when matthews that were makina victim last week that would that's a few units this wanted me to dixie i'm going to get from interlude to words week because i'm living in now with to you're recovery recovery all night i've got from for my my toilet toilet why machiavellian i'm gonna learn to this week i've got well i'm gonna come to go got this week and you're going to put it in the podcast and you've got some uf said it okay well but forever might time of day you know often no off levitt i also just went into the studio time joe's regularly and yeah it's just what happens when chicago bailey well have you to be regular forever i know the surpri eleven to come to live on the edge roby let's my seriously still you i'm spontaneity slug cussing you're supposed to be caught work pains i just guys let's get into the mates you so okay kite suffolk number one this is a controversial one fred at other we're going to take this but you want to discuss the relationship between the press and sports yeah and i do you know what i don't know where i'm going to take this either is is very open and the thing about a presence for is yes the press always the major sporting events they comment or matches their common players comment on this that and the other but i'm not always shoe it's responsible i'm not always sure is particularly well informed i'm not saying there aren't some great articles out there but i've fallen foul of the press whether it's people have an agendas or disliking people and writing about them also as well remember this if you're writing on a sporting event or about somebody you are provide you're provided with a job to.

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