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It's one of them. I really like Fan Hagen Tube because if Spent so money backing the elevation Fi team guy. They just never lose. Trevor Wittman went over there. Okay, so the two strongest. You mentioned that there was sort of a narrative about a reason death for one of the fighters which one was that. Cody stayman and I was looking before I heard about the passing of his younger brother last week. Who by the way was only eighteen years old? He was you know just graduating from high school where? End Out high school wrestler, and they don't know what the cause of death was whether it was some type of respiratory illness or exactly what you know. What was the cause of death for cody statements younger brother, but but cody statements younger brother used to go all his fights. He'd be the arena I mean. They were really really tight. It and I always go back to what we saw. A couple of you know we go now with heiress that emotion that he came into. into the fight with, and he looked great in the first round, but the problem with being so emotional and carrying all that baggage into the octagon. Once you have that emotion dump early in the fight we see fighters tend to get really fatigued that come in emotional. And how can you not be emotional when you're younger brother, who you're so close to just passed away tragically and unexplained a week ago. Cody steam and carrying a lot of baggage into this fight before i. I heard about the brother's death a couple of weeks ago when I first started breaking down this Friday, said cody steam is going to be my best pick on the fight. I don't care what the prices historically fighters taking a second fight on less than a month noticed. Do not fare very well at all. That's the case for Brian Kelleher who actually fought just three weeks ago on a UFC car now turning around to get bigger stronger, much more experienced fighter in cody. Cody statement, whose only lost in the UFC comes against Al Germain. Sterling. This looked like a mismatch on paper now at an elevated price where I've seen books minus three hundred on statement. You know again the fact that you know Keller is a tough guy with a Tuck Chin. WHO's probably durable enough to make it through the first round or to what happens to cody Damon after that energy dumped carrying around the baggage of your brother, just inexplicably passed away a week ago. Some of that I feel like we get caught up in narratives Who's the fight recently where the gentleman's daughter had just passed all terrorists. Exactly so. You WanNa. Think like Oh, he's going to bring in like there's no doubt he's. Emotional and but that's not necessarily a good thing like we talked about situational handicaps in sports, whether be a college football team that just that had national chamber. Best rations loses like five weeks six. Usually fade right. You're just kind of the tank is on empty NBA coming off a big win the college basketball as well. We talked about in the pod Duke. Duke and Carolina whenever they play a team right before facing each other so like before the rivalries. It's like if they're like a big favourite. They barely win the game you know last year or two seasons ago, we saw the nearly lose the wake at the Buzzer this year. They had trouble with BC. Did do so. There's there's sort of like narratives right. So we WANNA. Think like always, but UFC fighters already our emotional already are bringing it. They're not. This is not like a hundred sixty two game baseball season eighty two game season where you're going to have flat spots like these fighters are bring it so to say one's GonNa. have an emotional edge. The other guys got ton of energy into your point. Sometimes That tank is on empty after the first half round around, so it's it's you WANNA say they're they're. They're fighting for dedicating into their daughter delegating younger brother. In this case, it's just not as clean as that Brecht. Is One hundred percent agree, and we start with walt hairs who almost finished alistair over aim in the first minute of their fight, but literally after that first minute he was out of gas. He was completely gassed and Alice. Your over and took over dominated the rest of the fight and finish wall. Harris I mean it just feels like the same thing. Could Happen to cody statement here I mean that has to be such an emotional. Baggage to carry in there with you and I'm sure he's going to come out on fire and he's going to dedicate to fight to his younger brother. We already saw that, but I wonder what happens three minutes in. Does all that you know adrenaline? Wear off and suddenly you know you have nothing left in the tank. Very, wary of betting cody tammy statement in this fight at such a big price, because if you do the handicap on paper, and you don't factor in the emotional fatigue of dealing with his younger brother's death, you're gonNA land on cody statement in this fight 'cause there's so many advantages on paper. I just think people should be weary of what might happen in this fight carrying that emotional baggage of his younger brother's death, and it's trust me Someone has been down that path. It's not easy to focus. Look let me put it this way if if you're putting stock in the emotion of that night. That's fair, but keep in mind getting to that night you also have to. Speak, the truth is he's probably not getting the right amount of sleep. He's plays focus. All Week. He's grieving right so if you're going to say, it's a part of the the positive. If you will of the fight, then you have to see all the negative as well, and it's just not what you want, so I understand the tendency to support that narrative at first glance, but it's case by case sport by Sports Situation I. Just don't think it's really a thing for football or era for fighting. We just talked about with Matt. Sarah in GSP just got. Losses at Hughes favorite because of all the variables in play is enough handicapping that sort of. Line is there anything else on the car? That sort of Piques your interest in over under anything like that? There were two other fights that did kinda stand out at me. and one of them have going to bet the total, and it's Alonzo manifield for his Devin Clark over run. That site is one and a half rounds, but it's favored slightly toward the over around minus one twenty. I liked the under here at even money or any plus and the end of the day Alonzo manifield has one way you wins fights, which was dating power running people over, and he thus far he's been really good at it and his Professional Ama career with nine wins, and just flattening people really quickly. Talk about a guy coming out on fire. It's Alonzo Menefee..

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