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This is just ridiculous let's start out this article says her seven reasons why stocks are better than real estate let's just take them one at a time by the way the idiot that wrote this articles name is shawn lane golias and this is from market watch the articles out of marketwatch sean if you out there listening please please come on the radio with me let me take your head off and show you how embarrassed you be to talk about stuff you know nothing about i will bring facts figures people's deals financials whatever you need if you think you could stand up even one tenth of the proof of what you're saying i don't think he could stand up to any myself so let's talk about liquidity he saying the number one reason that stocks are better then real estate is because stocks are liquid if you wanna get out you can get out all right let's explain to you this is a misrepresentation the reason you can get out of stocks is two reasons one there's a liquid market for it there that's granted but to you have to get out at the price they're willing to let you out at in other words if the stock market you bought a stock one hundred dollars share and it went down to seventy five dollars a share yes you could get out immediately at seventy five dollars a share but that's not what you're saying what you saying real estate is i bought this piece of real estate for one hundred thousand dollars now it's worth four hundred thousand and it took me thirty days he said forty five days to sell it of course it took forty five days we're looking for a greater fool pay four hundred thousand for something you paid one hundred thousand four you're going to wait until that person comes around but what if he offered that piece of real estate that appraised for four hundred thousand for three hundred thousand that piece of real estate with cell overnight instantly.

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