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Before that. Soak what obviously shut it on gay he. He's very respected Horseman. Us Obviously GonNa make the right decisions matter where he runs her. So it'll be an intriguing prospect. No matter where she runs so now getting into a race. I know Eric was really upset about the pisses turf. We talked to have talked a lot. About how well Joel? Rosario has come along and not that he had crappy years in the past but how last year was really coming out for Joel. Rosario that race's not in the Pegasus turf is not going to go on Joel. Rosario is highlight reel to quote shape ribbon Zulu Alpha surprised. Everyone the horse that I was really into Magic Wand we said choosing win by five lengths or wind or run second. Because that's all she can seem to do and that's exactly what magic wand ran. Second Barely beat instilled regard but Talking about talking about the winners who alpha. What looks interesting to see what is going to happen with him. He's not among the horses that are going to be heading out to Dubai. He's going to stay stateside. Which would is a good move in my opinion on the part of Mike Maker Eleven to one winter not wanting to discount his ability but looking at the races that are going to be going on Dubai specifically the Dubai Classic and the Dubai Turf. Those races could feature superstar horses. Like Almond I and some of the other top horses in the world so and I don't think Zulu Alpha is in the class of beating horses like that so definitely the right decision to keep him stateside at what happened with Mo four once again arc. Low and Sadler's joy horses that I have been over for a long time. Did they didn't run bad. Fifth and sixth respectively for ARC loans joy but they didn't run bad instill regard. Eric's horse ran a very good third as I already mentioned but A lot of surprises in the Pegasus turf with the exception of magic wand running second. I'm not sure any person would be surprised by that. Nailed it right on the head there. magic wandering second. You know you just gotTa hope you're going to break through at some point. She's going to be running on the dirt in a Saudi cups. He's not going to win that race. We know that so now to start.

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