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Midway sixty two at the lake front as well sixty in dekalb this morning and sixty one at Michigan city district two eleven is investigating a teacher at palatine high school after making a post that students and parents say is racist the since deleted Facebook post it puts the term white privilege to the N. word the teacher went on to say people who think America is racist have been hoodwinked by the liberal establishment school officials are responding to the post by denouncing racism and discrimination but current and former palatine high school students are calling on the teacher to be fired in a statement district eleven says in part they've opened an investigation after learning about the post that once it is complete it will follow up with the appropriate measures the school district but I do apologize for any hurt caused by the post says the comments by the teacher do not reflect the values or principles of district two eleven mayor Lightfoot accusing a Chicago alderman of leaking audio of a heated conversation between the two mayor live footage didn't mention southwest side alderman Raymond Lopez by name but heavily implied that he illegally tape to may thirty first phone call with all fifty aldermen and the mayor and then leaked the audio one of the older man and I think we know what is a legally taped and then shared only that portion of the conversation that served his purposes Lopez has denied the accusation Lightfoot hosted the call during the height of civil unrest in Chicago following the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis the call included a profane exchange between the mayor and Lopez after he complained about an inadequate response by the city to looting the tape of the conversation has been circulating on social media they shed aquarium has become the latest Chicago institution to lay workers off because of covered nineteen officials yesterday said that they would lay off about thirty six workers and for the one hundred seventy one employees after June twentieth federal relief funds will help the museum of pay workers until then other shell aquarium along with the rest of Chicago's museums have been closed since mid March most of them have announced layoffs in recent weeks the Illinois gaming board meets today to start planning for the re opening of the state's casinos more on that from WGN chatted halogen each facility will be required to submit a plan outlining exactly what they'll be doing to keep people safe that includes how casinos will ensure six feet of social distancing cleaning measures distribution of personal protective equipment for all patrons and employees and steely health screenings there's also a list of what won't be allowed that includes buffets poker rooms and table game tournament there's still no date for Illinois casinos to reopen casinos in Indiana a re open on Monday state of Illinois is awarded will one time stipend to child care providers to governor Pritzker says more.

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