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To save that. Why do that after the touchdown, But for Kyle pits, it is his 12th touchdown catch of the season to lead Florida. He's now over 100 Yards, seven grabs 129 yards, to be exact, almost a third of his catches. Have gone for touchdowns this season. Yeah, I mean, that's just It just shows how much of a weapon he is, and it's Yeah, he's been in and out of line up in a few games this year, but it's like you look at those numbers. You're like, Why doesn't touch it more? Why isn't he getting more opportunities to get his hands on the football? All the offenses coming out here. I'm gonna go for two. Okay. 207 left 50 to 44. Alabama. Florida wants to make this a six point game. Receivers. Bunch right. One of the left Davis motions out of the backfield to the right trash pointing with his right hand right foot in front of his left. He's got the snap. Fayed left side for pits, trying to make a one handed catch. No, it's picked off, but there are two flags thrown taken away. By Alabama on Daniel right with the interception, But again two flags in the end zone. This is Kyle pits out on the perimeter Man to Man matchup with Josh Job on top and joke's gonna be called for pass interference here. Just impressed That pits almost came down with it with one hand as jokes all over on the defense number 28. The penalty is half the distance for sound. Try that, yes, but joy job at his right hand. Basically inside the shoulder paths of Kyle pits was grabbing it and holding onto it the entire time. It's just not very good defense. I understand it's guys a matchup nightmare. You can't hold him. It's gonna be too. There's an official that's three yards away from Yeah, that's still against the rules. Believe it all right once again, Florida going for two here. Everyone who loves analytics is all over it. Why not down 50 to 44 4 receivers split to the right pits one on one to the left trash quarterback draw. He has increased off the left side of these hand for the two point conversion. So Florida is now down 50 to 46. With 207 to play only thing I could think of is Dan Mullen. His fault, Woz. If we get one more chance if we get the stop, and we get one more chance, we score touchdown, and we win the game. Yes, Yeah. Yeah, that's that's it. Listen, Maura and Mork coaches are getting on board with this right? And you think of John Hardball with the Ravens seem to be one of the first. Here in recent years. Going for what? Why would you go for two there? Well, just think about it a little bit. And so I get it and a if you punch it in, it's a brilliant call, And here they are now down. 6207 left. You have one time out remaining and you've got to stop Alabama somehow. Just bring it up D onside. Kick it here the way Alabama could move it. Yeah, I think you definitely have Tonto. And if you don't end up, making it, you're gonna give him a short field. Absolutely. But You made with only one time out. You may not get a chance to get the ball back. So you've got onside it. Hopefully you get that great bounce on down somebody on your hands team or Excuse me. You're on side team can don't make a play. Florida is setting up that way, with MacPherson just a few steps beyond the team. Now, few players, including the league, Davis, Damien Pierce, Justin Shorter, Motion to the near side. Here comes the onside kick. That's a hot roller bouncing up into the arms of Devante Smith. Surprise surprise a guy that does not drop the football basically, ever now, he probably could've let that ball go out of bounds to because it was coming really hot, but he had there. The opportunity to go ahead and just get his hands on it. Secure this football kind of runs out of bounds and gets the ball back to Alabama. Pretty good field position here back to Jason Horowitz in our Westwood one studios for scoring update. Had real quickly. Cincinnati just walked off on Tulsa. Cole Smith 34 years jungle As time expired Bear cats beat Tosa 27 24..

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